5 Secret Habits of the Most Successful People


How you live your life day-to-day determines your success long term. There are 5 things that healthy, happy, successful people do every day.

In order to transform your life, realize your dreams, improve your health and create lasting joy in all you do you need to start doing these things, too.

I call them the Big 5 of Self-Care.

These 5 habits are simple actions you choose to take every day so that you function at your peak physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Your habits determine the trajectory of your future. Are you choosing a path that’s distinctly guiding you on to bigger opportunities, greater success, deeper joy, and lasting health? Or are you stuck in cyclical patterns of fear, doubt, illness, and depression?

Ideal Fitness, Meaningful Relationships, Powerful Spirituality, Financial Freedom, Lasting Health, Enduring Energy, Genuine Happiness…all these things are yours.

Start today. Implement my Big 5 of Self Care:

1. Get quality sleep every night

Successful people are well rested, fresh for the day, and prepared to take on any challenge. They know that sleep is vital to their success. Set a schedule, avoid caffeine after 3pm, relax before bed, control the room temperature, and sleep until sunlight.

2. Hydrate daily

Start the day with 14 ounces of room temperature or warm water. Drink consistently throughout the day aiming for about 3 liters of purified water. Add natural flavors like citrus, herbs, and berries to help you meet your goal intake.

3. Nourish your body with whole foods that your body can digest

Successful people pay attention to the details then respond accordingly. Pay attention to the signals your body gives you when you eat. If you struggle with particular symptoms, try to identify the culprit. Eliminate foods that drain energy, create brain fog, disrupt digestion, and trigger inflammation. You have no time for that!

4. Move your body every day

Engage in a structured exercise program, do an activity or play a sport, walk the park or practice Yoga. Your mind and body will be mobile, alert, and ready to take on the day.

5. Cultivate positive thoughts, encouraging self-talk, and life affirming language

There is nothing more powerful than your own mindset. It may be the biggest factor for you achieving all of your goals—from career, to relationships, and especially health. Take control of your thoughts for they become your language. Your language develops your beliefs, which are displayed in your behavior. Behavior turns into habits that produce your character. Character breeds success.

Success is an individual assessment. For me, success begins by implementing the Big 5 of Self Care daily—yet it’s not the same every day. I’m not a robot and neither are you. Pay attention to the signals your body gives you for rest, water, food, movement, and encouragement. Get to know your body’s needs then use the tool that most appropriately meets that need.

Oh yeah, there’s a bonus! #6: Don’t forget to have fun in everything you do! Fun is a mindset. The spirit of joy and playfulness is vital to avoiding the dreadful potholes of life.

You will be surprised at how such simple acts of kindness toward your mind and body will yield wildly successful results in all your endeavors.

Written By Missi Holt