3 Tricks to Have ALL Day Energy

woman excited with sunrise

How was your weekend? Mine was truly wonderful—lots of quality time with my girlfriends and even a great hike in the mountains. Getting up to the hills is one of the ways I recharge my batteries and connect with my spirituality.

Think for a moment what recharges you in life, lifts you up, and keeps you motivated.

It’s important to identify the people, activities, and places that restore your soul.

Conversely, it’s critical to identify and prepare for the energy vampires in your life—the people, activities, thoughts, behaviors, and even devices that suck away your vital energy and spirit. You know the ones I’m talking about!

Living with energy is incredibly important for staying healthy and pain free, which is why it is so important to protect it from the vampires in your life.

When you lose your energy, you lose your peace of mind, which causes physical and emotional stress. Stress puts your body on high alert triggering pain and dis-ease and opens the door to negativity. Ironically, it takes a lot of energy to get back on track. Energy you may not have.

So, to avoid pain, stress, and lack of energy I want to give you 3 energy protecting tricks that I share with all my clients here in Denver. These tricks help them, and they will help you, create healthy boundaries so that you heal, thrive, and enjoy this amazing life!


Trick 1: Identify the Energy Givers & Energy Suckers

Information is a powerful tool for change.

  •  Identify the thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, activities, foods, people, and technology that either feed your soul or suck it dry!
  •  On the Left hand side of a piece of paper write the Energy Givers. On the right side, write the Energy Suckers.
  •  Have yourself a little Aha Moment


Trick 2: Boost Time for the Energy Givers

Make a point to infuse your life on a daily basis with life-giving energy.

  •  Create a cut-off time for your devices every night and on days off
  •  Call a friend to meet for lunch or an outdoor activity
  •  Get up early to meditate and workout OR Sleep in if your body needs rest
  •  Change your thoughts and language to positive words of encouragement for yourself and others
  •  Eat whole foods and drink lots of water


Trick 3: Set boundaries for the Energy Suckers—or weed them out of your life

This may seem hard at first. Take baby steps toward change. Choose to do this out of Respect for your health and happiness!

  •  Look at the list of Energy Suckers.
  •  Choose 1 or 2 that you are most ready and willing to cut down or cut out.
  •  Make a plan to reduce your exposure starting now. Don’t wait!

When I moved into a new home I decided to not hook up my cable. I essentially stopped watching TV—something I did every night since college—and it’s been so liberating!

This is your life. You are responsible for your health and well-being.

It may be hard to make changes, but if you take little steps toward your goals you will be unstoppable.

Healing, joy, peace, and prosperity are within your reach!