5 Most Addictive Foods

According to top foodz researcher, Dr. Bally D. Dog, the world’s most addictive food is…

…Dog food.
“I can’t stop eating it,” Dr. B. barked in an interview, “Just the smell of it makes me go into a feeding frenzy.”

It’s true. I’ve witnessed this on an almost daily basis.

Haha, now to be serious for a moment…

…you and I both know that there are foods that put us into our own feeding frenzy. You know those times when you just can’t stop eating?

It’s not your fault.

Ashley Gearhardt, PhD, is co-creator of Yale University’s Food Addiction Scale, and has found that processed chemicals in food make these as powerful as drugs of abuse.

Our bodies have not evolved to handle the over-stimulating trifecta of sugar, fat, and salt,” says Gearhardt in an interview with Prevention magazine.

Bottom line: Food scientists are working EVERY day to make foods MORE addictive. You’re up against millions of dollars in food science…so it’s no wonder we all go into feeding frenzies from time to time.

So let’s go over the top 5 most addictive foods, and then we’ll help you beat your food addition. <= YES, it is possible to beat it!

The 5 most addictive foods are…

#5 – Soda – Drinking it just makes you thirstier!

#4 – White processed carbs (pasta, white bread, cereal, cookies, etc.)  Studies show that eating sugar causes the release of dopamine (aka, “the happy hormone” in your brain, the same chemical released by drugs of abuse, and that’s why these foods become addictive.

#3 – French Fries & Potato Chips I like to call French Fries, “edible cancer sticks”. That helps me avoid the addictive combo of salt-fat-sugar that you get in each serving.

#2 – Ice Cream
Prevention magazine lists ice-cream as the #1 most addictive food, but I’m putting my personal weakness in at #1…after all, it is my list.

#1 -Chocolate – specifically for lil’ Craiggy, chocolate covered almonds! I just can’t be around those little suckers. They are my #1 food enemy. In fact, Prevention magazine noted that chocoholics had physical, behavioral, and emotional responses to chocolate that closely resembled those of drug addicts to their drugs.


But last Sunday, I have to admit, I was looking for a chocolate covered almond fix. I couldn’t stop eating the little suckers. Until I snapped the cycle by brushing my teeth.

There IS a way out of food addictions.

You need solutions and routines.

You CAN beat your addictions.

It all starts with learning how to eat right.

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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer