A Big Fat Lie

I’ve just re-read an article that remains as pertinent today as it was when first published eight years ago. Released by the New York Times, the writer had the guts to ask, “What if it’s all been a big fat lie?” He was referring to the ongoing myth that says low-fat diets are the best path to weight loss.

He asks… if we’ve been following a low-fat diet since the late 70s, why are we getting heavier? And why are weight-related problems like diabetes and heart disease skyrocketing?

He questions whether low-carb plans might be the best option for better health and weight control. Throughout the 90’s, such diets were dismissed as quack therapy. There were just a few visionaries like Dr. Robert Atkins speaking out about it. During that time a small amount of scientific studies began to crop up which supported this thinking. And those studies showed that carbs were the real cause of the obesity epidemic.

I was fortunate enough to work with Dr. Atkins several times and found him to be dedicated and serious about his mission. Since his death, there’s been an onslaught of studies showing that low-fat diets don’t help us lose weight… and can do serious harm to our health.

That’s partly because we tossed aside the natural foods we were supposed to be eating… in favor of chemically-created by-products. Hydrogenated and trans fats replaced all-natural saturated fats. And all of them are packed with chemicals that our bodies were never designed to handle. Worse, if you go by the USDA Food Pyramid, you’d cut out precious protein and fat and replace it with carbs.

And that’s a real killer when it comes to weight loss and health. Why? Because the sugar and starch in carbs spike your blood sugar and trigger the release of insulin. And insulin produces and stores body fat.

A low-carb diet, on the other hand, makes sure you get the healthy fats your body needs. I’m talking about omega-3s… which are loaded with wide-ranging health benefits. You also get protein which fuels your muscles. It also repairs tissue and strengthens bones. And best of all, it’s loaded with 21 amino acids which are vital to good health.

The health research team over at ETR and IDE’s sister site, Natural Health Dossier (NHD), put out a lengthy report on the “big fat lie” recently. The report investigates the roles that protein, fat, and carbs play in your health… and how they impact your biology. Knowing how to balance those macronutrients – and understanding how your body responds to them – is the key to losing weight and improving your overall health and fitness.

You can read the original New York Times article here.

And you can sign up for the NHD report here.