9 Super Stretches to Fix Your Pain and Injury

If you’re suffering from pain or an old nagging injury, then it’s probably stopping you from doing the things you love.

Maybe you can’t garden like you used to… or you have to sit down every 30 minutes when you’re out raking the leaves… or you can no longer play a full 18 holes of golf without popping a pain pill…

…or maybe you can’t pick up the kids, carry in the groceries, or **ahem** enjoy an afternoon delight anymore like you could when you were young and in love.

I know what it’s like.

In 2009 I could not run more than 30 yards without an excruciating pain shooting up my back.

I was so embarrassed.

Wasn’t I supposed to be ‘Mr. Fitness’?

Arrow blue  Here’s how I fixed it

It turns out that I was neglecting a simple series of stretches that can fix your pain in a matter of seconds.

Once I put these back into my life, the pain went away. It’s been almost 7 years now and the pain has NEVER come back.

Now I’m able to do all of the crazy ‘youngster’ activities I’ve always enjoyed… lifting heavy weights in my garage gym on the farm, sprinting and jumping and playing sports with my ‘over-the-hill’ buddies, hiking in Colorado’s mountains, biking around my little town of Stratford…

…and of course, keeping up with that silly ol’ Bally the Dog, on our EPIC monster chasing adventures. (Yes, I really did pay someone to draw this!)

Screen shot 2016 04 17 at 8.52.32 am
That’s FrankenJoelMarion, John “The Werewolf” Romaniello, Count Vinceula Del Monte and his wife, Flavia, and Isabel “The Nutrition Witch” De Los Rios 🙂 

But silliness aside, it was this woman here, Missi Holt, that saved me from the monster of back pain. Her simple stretches gave me back my freedom.

Screen shot 2016 04 17 at 8.52.56 am
Thank you, Missi!

And the best news of all is that Missi is giving you a FREE video and report on these 9 super stretches right here.

If you haven’t met Missi yet, you’re going to love her.

I’ve met thousands (literally!) of personal trainers at my seminars in the last 15 years, and I’ve never met a trainer with a heart-of-gold (or a smile to match) like hers. She is the real deal.

And she’s going to fix your pain and chase away the demons that stop you from enjoying life today.

Arrow blue  Get her free stretches here

Let me know how Missi is able to help you.

Taking care of your body,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – My favorite motivation from Missi…

Cultivate positive thoughts, encouraging self-talk, and life affirming language.

There is nothing more powerful than your own mindset. It may be the biggest factor for you achieving all of your goals—from career, to relationships, and especially health. Take control of your thoughts for they become your language. Your language develops your beliefs, which are displayed in your behavior. Behavior turns into habits that produce your character. Character breeds success.

Success is an individual assessment. For me, success begins by implementing the Big 5 of Self Care daily—yet it’s not the same every day. I’m not a robot and neither are you. Pay attention to the signals your body gives you for rest, water, food, movement, and encouragement. Get to know your body’s needs then use the tool that most appropriately meets that need.