8-Minute Max Fat Burner Workout

We’re dedicating this week to YOU and your fat burning metabolism. Summer is coming to a close for most of us, and that means the dreaded “weight gain season” is not too far off.

But here’s the GOOD news. Armed with all the fat burning secrets I’m going to reveal to you in these emails, you’ll achieve the (seemingly) impossible and keep LOSING weight for the rest of the year. That’s my promise to you.

So here we go.

Success begins with starting your day RIGHT.

  • Don’t hit snooze. That only makes you MORE tired.
  • Have your workout space cleared and your favorite tunes cued up and ready to pump.
  • Sleep in your (clean!) workout clothes. That makes it easier to get started with your morning metabolic routine.
  • Set out the ingredients for your morning shake. Have a clean blender ready to go.
  • Do this little workout (below) and then share it with an accountability buddy.

These simple steps create an easier path to success and eliminate distractions and temptations from derailing your progress. Each of these ensures that you never miss a PERFECT start to your day.

Make these habits permanent and you’ll never struggle with weight again.

Now that you have a firm foundation for fat loss in place, we can kickstart your metabolism with this MAX Workout that accelerates your fat burning metabolism for up to 2 days. It’s that powerful and it only takes 4-minutes (or 8-minutes if you want to go through it twice). Here we go!

The Max Fat Burner Workout

  1. Total Body Extensions – 30 seconds
  2. Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (alternating sides) – 30 seconds
  3. Burpees or Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds
  4. Close-Grip Pushups (keep those elbows tucked into your sides) – 30 seconds
  5. Prisoner Squats (pull those elbows back, squeeze that upper back tight) – 30 seconds
  6. Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds
  7. Wall Squat Hold – 30 seconds
  8. Pushups or Plank Hold – 30 seconds

Whew. Four minutes of FUN!

Want 8 minutes? Hit it again!

That’s how you start the day – and week – right.

Max Workout style!

Back tomorrow with a FIX for your metabolism. Stay tuned if you feel that you just aren’t losing weight fast enough.

We’ll solve that problem by revealing a few secrets tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS – Take bold action today.

If you believe in something, if you have a vision, if you have a goal, then be proud of it. Live and lead by example. Have courage. Stand out. Encourage and motivate others through your actions and attract positive people and powerful support into your world.

“You are capable of greatness. All you need to do is believe in yourself. The first step on the journey to success is having a little bit of faith. So don’t ever let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something, never lose faith in your abilities, and be willing to take risks. You’ll get to where you were meant to go. Just believe.” – Bobby Maximus