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8-minute EPIC Butt Workout

A new study from Iowa State University claims you can keep the weight off simply by taking about 7,116 steps per day.

Today I’ll be taking at least that many steps – and probably more – during our Toys for Tots (TFT) shopping event in Denver. Up and down the aisles of Wal-Mart I’ll run, filling carts with Legos, Barbies, basketballs, make-up kits, board games, and my favorite toy of all, wrestling action figures!

We do this every year, and thanks to 60 of my friends that are helping out, we’ll fill 3 giant Marine trucks with toys to be distributed to the 96,000 Denver-area children that need a toy this Christmas. We’re giving them a brighter Christmas, just like I’m giving you a better butt with today’s workout…

You can get involved with TFT in your city by going here

Tftcraigsteam 21

Butt here’s the problem (yes, I did that on purpose, haha)… walking 7,116 steps a day, or even 10 thousand, won’t get you a great butt OR help you lose belly fat.

So that’s why I came up with this…

Epic BUTT Workout

You’ll do 1 round of the circuit if you’re a beginner, 2 rounds if you’re intermediate, and 3 rounds if you’re advanced and after GREAT GLUTES!

1A) 1-Leg Hip Extension – 30 seconds per side
1B) Plank – 60 seconds
1C) Goblet Squat – 30 seconds (beginner) or 60 seconds (advanced)
1D) Stability Ball Leg Curl – 30 seconds
*1E) Reverse Lunge – 30 seconds (alternate sides)

If you want more great glute and beautiful butt workouts, you can watch my new follow along workout videos:

Click here to build a better butt at home with bodyweight exercises

Have an amazing weekend and make a difference in someone’s life today!

And if you can, please buy a toy for a needy kiddo in your town this holiday season.

Taking care of you and the kids this Christmas,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Here are 2 ways to help Toys for Tots…

For the Denver Toys for Tots Denver drive…

Click here to donate to Denver TFT

Denver is under “CO – Aurora”

Finally, if you’d like to get involved in your area, please check out the Toys for Tots website and find out what your local marines are doing that you can help out with!

Click here to donate to TFT in your area

Oh, and one more thing…

PPS – Quick question for your life…

What simple changes can you make to improve your days? Make the right actions easier to do and wrong actions harder to do by eliminating temptations and having solutions to overcome every obstacle. Everyday you will accumulate little wins and these will add up to significant victories.