7-Step Blueprint for Avoiding Weight-Gain over the Holidays

It’s been a week since Thanksgiving in America and many people still feel like they haven’t recovered from all of that food and fun.

If you’re one of those people who over-stuffed themselves, statistics say you will gain 5 pounds between now and Christmas. That’s just the way it is.
And according to the New England Journal of Medicine, you won’t ever lose the extra pounds. Depressing.

Yet, eating good food is an enjoyment in life. It’s a punishment if one is allowed to only look and not eat delicious, tasty food. But you know me: I like to eat more and burn more.

Here is my 7-step blueprint to avoid becoming one of those people who never loses the extra pounds:

  1. Relax – It’s a normal phenomenon that human beings store up energy to prepare for the long, cold winter. So don’t be hard on yourself.
  2. Take a walk – No need for strenuous exercise. But a daily walk around the block is always pleasant and goes a long way to shed pounds.
  3. Cook more – Cooking from scratch is the only way you can control what goes into your body. Spending time in the kitchen can be enjoyable if you are organized and make it fun. Put some music on, grab a glass of red wine, and bring the kids or your significant other in.If you haven’t already, grab my book Eat More, Burn More, or my Holiday Guide cookbook for some recipe ideas.
  4. Eat more fiber – This includes, lentils and beans, leafy green vegetables, whole-grain ingredients, seeds and nuts… Here’s my article on how to get fiber easily.
  5. De-fatten stews, soups, and casseroles – That’s my number one trick all my readers love.
  6. Grab the meal plans – I told you before, my friend Master Nutritionist Missi Holt put together done-for-you, life-saving meal plans that you should not pass on.
  7. I’m here for you – Seriously, ask me anything. I’m here to help. I answer one-on-one questions on Facebook every single day. So don’t hesitate.