7 Secrets To Launch

Today is a big day here in Denver, as we’re finishing filming of our latest, greatest, and top-secret new workout program. It’s going to sell even more copies than Home Workout Revolution (which did 59,000 copies in 2014).

Since I’ll be busy today, I’m turning today’s update over to Shaun Hadsall and Ryan Colby, the two superstar marketers that we had speak at our Miami Mastermind session last week. (Our clients loved it!)

And I love this update for a SECRET reason I’ll reveal below… These two guys are leaders in the industry and you must study them. Again, that’s why we had them as our main speakers at the Miami Mastermind, and you probably watched them run another massive launch last week, too. Enjoy.

Shaun Hadsall, Ryan Colby, & the 4-Cycle Carb Solution

When Craig asked me to write up a quick summary for my 4 Cycle Fat-Loss launch for you, I wanted to make sure and put together something that would provide people with a mini-roadmap on how to make it happen from A to Z.

But instead of talking about the normal stuff, like my big idea, my launch funnel, or my on-sale promo…here are the exact steps I took to make a successful launch happen.

1. Earn The Right

It should go without saying that you’ll never pull off a successful launch without having some solid relationships built and affiliates willing to promote you. This is launch logic 101. This means you have to earn the right. I invested three years of my time, money, and emotional capital into building relationships through events and masterminds before I even thought about pulling off a successful launch. It took a TON of perseverance and patience to position myself properly within my industry to “earn the right” for a launch.

2.  Build up your Good Will Bank Account

If all you do is sell, sell, sell to your email list day after day, they’ll eventually burn out. The same is true with your biz partners and affiliates. You have to build up your Good Will bank account in every relationship possible to get the proper momentum and support in place for a successful launch. Every friend, partner, or affiliate that promoted my launch did so because I had added value to their business and built deep relationships with almost all of them.

Even if I could only make 10 sales on a partner promo, I still go all out and promote as hard as I could for them. Get creative. I had a personal bobble head made for two of the biggest players in my industry and now they’re two of my best friends. I’m not saying it’s because of the bobble heads. But if you plant enough seeds you’ll eventually pick some fruit. And I never asked or recruited ANY partner or affiliates without trying to add value to their business and building some type of relationship first.

3. Exploit your Most Influential Relationships

Once I picked the dates for my launch I did everything in my power to exploit my most influential relationships, Craig and Joel Marion, because they agreed to help guide me…

Even though neither one of them were directly involved as a partner on my launch, I positioned them as though they were, because I knew it would help get everybody else on board. I also made it a point to let everybody know I was getting support from big guys, like Mike Geary, because it’s the green light for everybody else to get involved. I did all of this, ethically, of course. No shenanigans were involved.

4. Over deliver

I made sure that I always over-delivered with my communication before, during, and after the launch. Whether it was emails, phone calls, text messages, or launch content, I went above and beyond every time I could. I received dozens of compliments on how attentive my communication was before and during the launch. Many of my partners and affiliates went out of their way to let me know how valuable the content I provided was. I even had several big affiliates, who I don’t even know, step up and want to promote because they were so impressed.

There is a HUGE lesson here. Behave like a professional, not an amateur. Provide your partners with EVERYTHING they need to swipe and deploy. They’re busy just like you. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they’ll support you.

5. Create competition

Cash bonuses and competition will motivate your partners. We created small, evenly matched, affiliate groups and offered cash bonuses and extra commission for the top 4 performers from each group. The minute I would send out an email update with the Leader Boards, my phone would start blowing up with texts from partners, asking how many sales behind they were. It was comical and exciting at the same time. I quickly discovered that making the groups fun and creating extra competition motivated partners to get more sales.

6. Show gratitude and recognition

If it wasn’t for my friends, biz partners, and affiliates, the whole launch process would be impossible. That’s why I made sure to constantly show gratitude and recognize the people responsible for my success throughout the entire process. It doesn’t matter how much money somebody makes, we all have the human need to be recognized and know that others are grateful for what we’ve done. I never gave myself credit for any of my success. All the credit went to God and the people who truly deserved it.  This type of behavior earned me a lot of respect. Additionally, it made the entire launch process way more rewarding and fulfilling.

7. Go “All In”

When my business partner, Ryan and I, decided to do our launch…

…we made the commitment to go “all in”. From the time the launch started until it ended I probably slept a total of ten hours. In other words, we lived, ate, and breathed nothing but the launch for 6 days straight. NOTHING came before our partners and the launch. We let our wives and family know ahead of time…food, exercise, friends, family, and sleep are ALL taking a backseat to make this launch happen.

Just like anything great in life, you have to be willing to do the work to make a successful launch happen. If you don’t have the passion and persistence to take the steps I described above, the product launch model may not be for you. But for those of us who are willing to make the leap, it can be a life-changing event.

Thanks so much Shaun & Ryan. Proud of you, and looking forward to seeing you again soon at the BioTrust Affiliate Superbowl party in a few weeks.

Now here’s the…

This write-up originally appeared 2 years ago in my private client coaching newsletter…but the lessons remain as TRUE today as they were back then. That is why Ryan and Shaun continue to dramatically grow their business each year. That’s why I’ve named them, Team Go-Giver, and why they have a legendary reputation in the industry.

Learn from the best,

Craig Ballantyne
PS – Live every day…

…with purpose. Live every day according to your mission and your plan. Have a vision for what you want to accomplish, and act in congruence with it. Focus on what matters in YOUR life and never, ever, EVER give up on what is important to you. Stay strong. I believe in YOU. And I know that you can do it.

PPS – Shaun & Ryan were once Mastermind clients…

…they learned from the best => Bedros and myself. Now you can, too.

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