7 Secrets To Get Rich

 There’s a small, easy-to-read book that holds the secrets to getting rich. It’s much better than The Millionaire Next Door and a lot simpler than The Secrets to the Rockefeller Habits.

This little book can be read in about 90 minutes and will give you 7 proven secrets to getting rich. You really should read the book…but I’m going to reveal the 7 secrets today…

In The Richest Man in Town, the author interviews the richest person in 50 of America’s largest cities, and they give a no-fluff account of the traits that allowed them to get incredibly wealthy. They include…

1. Owning their own business (“stop working for the man as soon as you can,” they all said).

2. Working a lot (at least 60 hours per week).

3. Focusing on VALUE creation, not making money.

4. Focusing on unique talents and abilities and delegating everything else.

5. Partnering only with those who bring something critical to the table.

6. Getting addicted to ambition.

7. Persistence. Never giving up. In fact, most of them believe that persistence is the ONLY reason they have gotten farther ahead in life than other people. Not talent. Not luck. But simple persistence.

Back at our Miami MasterMind meeting, I asked fitness info guru Vince Del Monte for his #1 tip for making more sales.

He said something to this effect:

“You must go out and find your top 4 affiliate partners. You must organize them in a group and you guys should focus on promoting one another. This is what I did when I was getting started.”

I agree.

And so I want everyone reading this to list their “4 Horsemen”.

Who is riding with you?

Who are your Regulators?

What are you doing today to organize your gang?

How are you helping them?

How are you hustlin’ and rustlin’ up business?

Don’t get soft and complacent just because summer is here.
Find your four.

Mount up.

Get riding!

Keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – Be a Go-Giver <= Secret #8
PPS – Get a mentor <= Secret #9