7 Must Do Steps To Improve Copy

By the time you read this I’ll be on a plane from Prague to Frankfurt, or perhaps even on my 8-hour flight from there to Toronto. My annual trip to the www.BlackSmithCamp.com in Europe is coming to an end.

It was another unforgettable trip. I’ll tell you more about it in September…but today we focus on helping you achieve the same amazing Internet Lifestyle that I have managed to achieve...enabling me to make money in over 30 different countries around the world in the last 10 years.

I am lucky man.

And you can be super lucky and successful, too.

Online success comes down to one BIG thing: Selling.

You sell online through COPY – presented as text or a video sales letter.

There’s nothing else that matters even 1/100th as much as COPY.

Sales copy is your #1 priority.

A struggling young friend of mine knows that improving his sales copy is the key to finally achieving a breakthrough in his online business.

He knows that blogging, writing guest posts for people, working on his Facebook page, and creating crappy Youtube videos are a big waste of time.

He’s right. I don’t want you wasting your time on those things either.

You need to be selling and improving your copy. So my friend asked…
“What can I do to improve my sales copy? What should I study? What are some copy writing courses I should pick up?”

Great questions

My Answers:
1) First, you need to figure out your offer and market.

In his case, it’s likely to be the women 35-55 market that we’ve talked about in the past. That’s the best market for fitness and nutrition. They’ll have the most love for him & it allows the most affiliate opportunities.

2) For this marketplace, study all of the copy from:
– Shaun Hadsall
– Jon Benson
– Joel Marion
– Kyle Leon
– 6MinutestoSkinny.com (our winning offer at ETR)
NOTE: If this is NOT your marketplace, simply find the best copy IN your market and study it!

Just find the best selling products in your market and figure out why they work so well. It’s all about the sales message.

3) Read “Great Leads” by Michael Masterson

This will show you the best way to introduce your solution to the world.

4) Read “The Architecture of Persuasion” by Michael Masterson

In this book, you’ll discover how to craft your entire sales message.

5) Read “Scientific Advertising” by Eugene Schwartz

This is the guidebook to selling. You must read this so you can understand what the heck you are doing!

6) You will need to study copy for 2 hours a day every day.

That will get you 500 hours this year, then 1000 hours next year. You’ll be getting it after your first fifty hours.

7) You don’t need expensive courses right now.

Here’s what you’ll do instead. Just follow this simple plan.

Action Steps that will help you improve your copy & make BIG money:

#1 – Study other converting offers in your market
#2 – Send lots of emails to your list.
#3 – Track your numbers (opens, clicks, sales).
#4 – Identify hot buttons (what gets attention and makes them take action?)
#5 – Study other converting offers in your market
#6 – Study MORE converting offers in your market
#7 – Improve your copy.
#8 – Test everything again.
#9 – Create your Internet Moneyball System.
#10 – Get affiliates to test your winning emails.
#11 – Then we can think about planning a real launch.

That’s it.

The most important steps are to model what is working in your market and to read those books by Michael Masterson.

Start there. Start now. Start selling. Stop struggling.

Live the dream through copy,

Craig Ballantyne
PS – If you need help with your copy…

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See you soon – living the dream.