7 Big Mastermind Lessons

Today’s a big day down here in California.

It’s our 1-day Mastermind.

Since I’m tied up (figuratively, silly, not literally!), we’re handing today’s email off to Mikey “Big Pancakes” Whitfield to report on his 7 Big “A-Ha” Moments from our last big Mastermind meeting in January. – Craig


7 A-Ha! Lessons from a Legendary Mastermind
By Mikey P. Whitfieldcakes

Legendary. That’s the word that comes to mind on this past Mastermind meeting in Miami. Each meeting seems to get better and better.

The “secret” to mastermind success is that you get out of it what you put into it. I learned this from the “Croation Sensation” Rick Kaselj.

What are you bottlenecks?

What’s holding you back?

What are you confused about?

What do you need help with?

What are your goals?

What do you need to focus on?

You need to write these down and show up prepared to get answers. That’s how you leverage your peers and your coaches.

Think about it.  Being a part of a mastermind is like being a part of a football team. If you don’t know how a play works or you need help with how certain plays are run, how do your coaches know that?

They don’t. Then you end up on the field dazed and confused, without breaking through your true potential.

Peyton Manning talks with his coaches every week. That’s why he is a stud on the field. You can be a stud, too. Just ask questions and prepare.

Your coaches need you to not be shy. Don’t hold back.

Once the confusion is cleared up, you’ll know exactly how to run your plays. You’ll leave with your execution plan.

The mastermind ends. The action plan begins.

At this past meeting, I learned some valuable lessons that will impact my own “game plan”. Ha, you like what I did there? Whatever. Anyway…

Lesson # 1 – Focus on ONE Thing

I’ve been there. You have a million things you want to accomplish, but the truth behind “multi-tasking” is that it holds you back.

Craig and Bedros really wanted all of us to focus on ONE thing that can drastically change our business and just focus on that one thing.

For example, Rick Kaselj is going to focus on traffic. That’s his next step. Your ONE thing is different depending on where you are in your business. Whether it’s contacting affiliates, getting your product done, etc. etc., focus on it with tenacity.

Lesson # 2 – Know Your Numbers

Start with these numbers:
–      Email list size
–      Front end and upsell conversion %
–      ROI (Return On Investment)

Your coaches, mentors and peers can’t help you if you don’t know what you need to improve on.

Lesson # 3 – Incredible Tip from Joel Marion – Mail to Unopens

When you mail your newsletter, mail to unopens 36 hours later. It can be the same content, but change the subject line. This will instantly give your income a boost depending on your list size.

Lesson # 4 – Where to Get Content

Another gem from Joel… He gets his nutrition newsletter ideas from Oxygen Magazine, especially the nutrition section.  Each magazine gives him 3-4 ideas.

Need content for your niche? Subscribe to a magazine that is geared towards your niche. Pretty simple, huh? Boom. Tons of content ideas…

There were a lot more tips from Joel, too. But I can only type so fast!

Lesson # 5 The Facebook Ad Rule of Thumb

If you make 50% of your investment within 24 hours, it’s a winner.

More facebook goodies are coming from Craig as he is learning every day on what’s working. He gave his entire facebook funnel at the meeting and I’ll be playing with Facebook ads in the very near future, too.

Lesson # 6 – Millionaire Mindset with Vince DelMonte

This guy came to the mastermind ready to play. Here are two goal-setting time frames you need to look at:

Where do you want to be in 10 years?
Where do you want to be in 90 days?

That’s goal setting simplified.

This line hit me hard… “Every YES must be defended by 1,000 No’s”.

Are you doing things you shouldn’t be doing? Are you wasting time? Learn to say no more often. Will something bring your business to the next level?

Vince also gave dozens of ideas for facebook posts content.  Study your insights to see when your posts/images go viral. What times do you get the most interaction?

The MEGA tip from Vince… Select 4 people to cross-promote with and stick to those for a year to build each other’s business.

Worthy of typing again on a separate line and even bolded? I think so.

Select 4 people to cross-promote with and stick to those for a year to build each other’s business.

That was BIG.
Lesson # 7 – Make Money with Your Friends

The only way to do this is to get out there (outside of your comfort zone) and network. That means go to events and masterminds. Hang out and chat. Discover how you can add value to a potential affiliate, but most importantly, SHOW UP.

Vince DelMonte, Craig Ballantyne, Bedros Keuilian, Joel Marion, Mike Westerdal, Dan Long, Shaun Hadsall, Ryan Colby and more were there and the energy was electric. We chatted about everything from sales funnels to football to pancakes to the Miami Heat…

… and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This is where relationships are built,

Mike Whitfield

Awesome, thanks Mikey.

See you at the next Mastermind we have in May in San Diego.

Want to join us?

Email Joan@keuilian.com

Have a great weekend,

Craig Ballantyne,

Be yourself, but better yourself. Don’t settle. Resist complacency. Continue to grow, learn, give, and develop. Never stop learning or giving.