600 Calorie Workout Battle

Did you know this strange and sad statistic about exercise? I learned this in college. According to my professors, we burn about 100 calories when we run a mile. If you want to burn 600 calories (slightly more than what you’d get from eating a 540-calorie Big Mac), then you’d need to run 6 miles.

That could take a long, long time. At 12mph, you’re looking at a 30-minute run. But geez, even back in my fittest days, when I was 21 years old and playing soccer 4 times per week, the best I could have done for 6 miles would have been 40 minutes. Most people would be happy to run 6 miles in an hour…but that’s TOO much time to burn just 600 calories.

Fortunately, I have much better news for you on how pretty much anyone – even YOU – can burn 600 calories in 30 minutes – NO cardio required.

Recently I wrote a Turbulence Training workout for Men’s Health magazine. It was featured in the April or May 2014 issue, I think. This workout used my classic fat-burning superset method and total-body exercises. An editor at Men’s Health did the workout in 30 minutes, burning 400 calories … and said he burned another 200 calories from the “afterburn”.

Afterburn is the extra calories and fat you burn from a hard workout like Turbulence Training. You don’t get the same BONUS calorie burning from slow, boring cardio (like running at 6mph).

That’s just another reason why Turbulence Training helps you lose fat while cardio leaves you frustrated.

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