60-Second Sales Hook Secret

Grab them by the collar, take them by the scruff of the neck, command their attention, get them fascinated in your work, and hook them deep.

That’s what you must do for readers of your emails. The same process that works for writing great novels and screenplays works for writing copy.

Today, two resources to help you achieve the deep hook.

One of Steven Pressfield’s favorite books is, The First Five Pages, by Noah Lukeman. The bottom line of Noah’s book, Pressfield says, is that in Paragraph One on Page one, you have to forcefully connect with and hook the reader. Otherwise, they will move on to another book on the shelf. It all comes down to your opener.

In the copy world, it is the effectiveness of your headline and story that matter.

That is what copywriter Kevin Rogers teaches in his little book, The 60-Second sales Hook.

First, Kevin reinforces the importance of the KLT factor that Bedros has been teaching to you for years. Kevin, who was once a stand-up comic, explains how you generate the KLT factor from your opening copy:

– Know: Reveal self in a way people can relate to
– Like: Win respect with authenticity
– Trust: Share your struggles and your secrets

Kevin then goes on to incorporate the KLT Factor into his promised 60-Sec Sales Hook using this “perfect joke” formula he developed as a comic:

— Identity
— Struggle
— Discovery

Finally, when you put it all together, it looks like this:

“I’m Kevin Rogers, I spent years as a dead-broke stand-up comic until I discovered how a simple joke formula can be used as an irresistible sales hook and began teaching marketers how to use it to skyrocket sales and grow their businesses. Now, I’m one of the most in-demand sales consultants online, earning more in one month than I once did in an entire year.”

Okay, now instead of saying “don’t try this at home”, it’s time for you to…

Try this at home!

You’re going to do it Mad-Libs style, where you enter in your details in the pre-written formula below. This will help you build your 60-Second Sales Hook.

“Hi, I’m ___. I’m a (age, job title) from (place). For years I struggled to overcome (hurdle). Then I discovered (specifics). Now I (result of discovery) and … (Positive effect of discovery on your life or clients). To learn exactly how

I did this … and how you can do the same…(Action).”

Once you’re done, watch Kevin’s video here for more details on what to do next.

Hooked in 60 seconds,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – You don’t ‘find time’…

…for the important things in life, you MAKE time. If there is something you want to do, something you want to accomplish, start making time in your life for it right now.

PPS – If you need to develop your hook and KLT factor…

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