6-Minute Sexy Morning Circuit

Check this out… A groundbreaking NEW research study from England has just found that you can lose belly fat in as little as 4-minutes of exercise per week.

Wait, four minutes per WEEK?

Is that a typo? Or too much hype-o?

No. Let me explain these shocking new results…

… and then we’ll give you a brand new sexy circuit to lose belly fat. (It’s one I did in my hotel room in California last week).

But first, the research study…

British scientists, from Manchester and Cambridge, took a break from soccer and rowing smiley to test the power of interval training.

The male and female subjects in the study did 20 seconds of all-out sprints on a stationary bike followed with a 2-minute rest. This was done four times per workout, and workouts were done 3 times per week.

20 seconds x 4 intervals x 3 workout = 4 minutes of hard exercise per week

After 12 weeks the subjects lost about 5% fat… and here’s something interesting:

Women lost a the greatest amount of fat from their thighs

PLUS, both men and women dramatically increased their cardiovascular fitness – without slow cardio.

(Here’s the reference for nerds like ol’ CB! => Bagley, Liam, et al. “Sex differences in the effects of 12 weeks sprint interval training on body fat mass and the rates of fatty acid oxidation and VO2max during exercise.” BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine 2.1 (2016): e000056.)

That brings us to your Monday workout…

Why I am giving you a 6-minute circuit instead of one taking 4-minutes?

We want you to not only lose belly fat but also tone your arms and tush, too!

That’s worth an extra two minutes, right? Yes!

6-Minute California Sexy Circuit

1) Wall Squat – 2 minute hold (take breaks as needed)

2) Pushups – 60 seconds (take breaks as needed)
[Alternative Exercise = Kneeling Pushups or Wall Pushups]

3) Reverse Lunges (alternating sides) – 60 seconds
[Alternative Exercise = 1-Leg Lying Hip Extensions]

4) Jumping Jacks – 60 seconds
[Alternative Exercise = Calf Raises or Total Body Extension]

5) Mountain Climbers – 60 seconds
[Alternative Exercise = Plank]

You can easily do this first thing in the morning to boost your metabolism.

And when you do, you’ll burn fat 24/7.

But wait, there are MORE tricks to burning fat all day – especially while you sleep.

Watch your email tomorrow for more really cool science on how to heat up your fat burning metabolism.

Taking care of your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – The best way to go through life…

… is to be PRO-active, not RE-active.

Plan ahead.

Don’t wait.

Get started.

Let’s go!