8-minute Fat-burning ABS Workout For Over 35

If you’re over 35 then you’ve probably been convinced that it’s “impossible” to lose belly fat.

But here’s why that’s a big fat lie.

You see, the magazines just tell you that because they advertise diet pills, and the diet pill companies want you to believe there is something wrong with you that can’t be fixed.

But there isn’t. You CAN overcome your belly fat struggles at ANY age, and I’ll show you one secret in a second.

However, there is some harsh truth for everyone over 35…

…the fact is that it gets harder and harder to find time to exercise and eat right as you get older.

You have kids, a busy job, parents that need help, a mortgage, and maybe even an anxious dog that won’t leave you alone for a few minutes. (I know what that’s like!)

But here’s more harsh truth…

…you can’t ignore your health, your nutrition, or your body.

You cannot take the best care of your family or do your best job at work if you don’t take care of yourself. So I want you to find 5 minutes today to review your habits, identify solutions to overcome your obstacles, and then plan and prepare to take care of yourself.

Your life requires you to be a high-performance machine, so it’s time you started treating yourself like one.

That means getting 7-8 hours of sleep, drinking enough water each day while avoiding excess alcohol and caffeine, and eating whole, natural foods like fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, and healthy fats and proteins.

Here’s proof that this works at any age. I want you to meet my friend and Certified Turbulence Trainer, Shawna Kaminski. She’s 52 and has abs, and she can do more pull-ups than me. She’s amazing. And it’s all thanks to these workouts she’s sharing with us today…

8-Minute Fat Burning Abs Workout – From Shawna K.

1) Rocking Plank– 60 seconds

2) Cross-Body Mountain Climbers – 60 seconds (alternating sides)

3) Total Body Extension – 60 seconds

4) Off-Set Pushup – 30 seconds per side

– Go through the circuit two times with no rest between exercises or at the end of the circuit.

Here’s Shawna for the final word…
Bikini belly shawna
I practice what I preach. Here I am enjoying my own personal
Bikini Belly. Not bad for 52! And you can do it too…your age and
fitness level can’t stop you once you use these short style

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Great work, Shawna. So grateful to have you as a Certified TT Trainer.

Taking care of your bikini body,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer


PS – TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life…

…So don’t dwell on past mistakes because that will get you nowhere. Instead, focus on what you can and WILL do today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life, and all of the great things that will happen because of your actions. Don’t wait for the ‘time to be right’ (i.e. until it’s too late) to take action on your goals. If there’s something you really want to do, then find a way to do it now.