#1 Truth About Diet (“Old School” Video Inside)

Ha, you gotta see this.

You’ll laugh… and I hope you “get” the point.

If you want to know the #1 truth about diet, watch this video called:

Diet vs. Exercise

2015 10 18 tt diet vs. exercise

Over 218,000 people have watched this “old school” video (filmed back in 2007!).

It will completely change your view of diet and cardio.

Plus, you get to watch my friend Brad Pilon, author of Eat Stop Eat, devour a pizza while I sprint my brains out on a treadmill.

This fight isn’t fair!

Let’s just say I lose.

And the Pizza wins!

Fortunately, there’s an UPSIDE to all of this.

Eating the right foods and doing the right exercises can turn you into a Human Metabolic Furnace that burns a ton of calories even while you rest – and watch silly videos like this one on the Internet (which by the way, if you ask me, is much goofier than any ‘cat’ video you’ve ever watched).

To become a metabolic fat burning furnace, you need to take advantage of your metabolic booster factor (find out what that is here).

Keep fighting to boost your metabolism,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer


PS – Here’s my Sunday Sermon to you…

Success is not a number on a scale or a clothing size. It is the achievement of health, of living well, of living with energy, of living the right life for you and your loved ones, and of having built the habits that make good, healthy choices seem natural to you.

When you choose to eat healthy and exercise instead of watching TV, that is an achievement. Those achievements move you in the right direction towards bigger ones. Each day you will change physically and mentally with these achievements.

Remember that the processes of mental change and improving of habits are just as important as the physical progress. A body transformation cannot happen without a mental transformation.

That is the ultimate success.