5 WORST Ingredients In Your Kitchen (AVOID AT ALL COST)

#3 has been OUT of my diet since July, 2012. #5 has NO place in a man’s diet. And #1…well, it’s my EXTREME weak point. I love it and fight it every day and almost every meal. But, I don’t keep it in the house and that’s a BIG key to my energy and results.

If you get rid of 90% of foods that contain these ingredients, you’ll get fast results. If you eliminate ALL of them, you could lose 20 pounds before Santa shows up to leave you with some slimmer fitness gear under the tree.

Most kitchens have ALL of these fat storing, bloating, and energy draining ingredients in them – and my friend has listed them below. And no matter how “clean” and “healthy” that you try to eat, if you eat these 5 ingredients, you’re going to struggle to lose belly fat, get slim, and have more energy.

I’ll let my friend, Diana “The Crazy Californian Cook” Keuilian explain. (BTW, I call her ‘crazy’ because it’s crazy what she can do to turn traditional comfort foods into deliciously healthy fat burning foods.)

The 5 Worst Ingredients in Your House – By Diana Keuilian

It’s not your fault that you’ve been tricked and addicted to these foods…

You see,  for years the big food conglomerates have marketed these five deadly ingredients as “healthy” and “good for you” which is why you can find them in almost every kitchen across the country – YIKES!

The truth is, they’re simply low cost and high profit ingredients that act as fillers and binders, and so it just makes financial sense for the food industry to sell cheap junk to us – even at the cost of your and your family’s health.

Let me explain HOW to avoid these 5 nasty ingredients…

1) Sugar – For years magazines told us that fat is the enemy and that if you eat a low-fat you’ll lose weight. However, this is NOT true. Research continues to prove that sugar is making you fat AND keeping you that way, and it makes your body bloated and puffy. It’s no wonder that over two thirds of the population is fat, sick, and tired!

2) Grains – Grains skyrocket your fat STORING hormone (insulin) causing weight gain and diabetes. Grains leave you bloated, tired, and dumpy, as anyone will tell you after eating a big Subway sandwich or bagel.

3) Gluten – Studies are showing that one in three people are sensitive to gluten. One doctor described eating gluten as “eating cotton balls”. Your gut just isn’t prepared to process gluten, and this causes bloating, embarrassing digestive issues like constipation, and of course, weight gain.

But what the heck is gluten? Well, it’s a grain protein that damages your digestive system and causes dry skin, joint pain, heartburn, constipation (in some) and diarrhea (in others). It’s NO joke.

Of course, the food industry LOVES it because gluten is a cheap filler to add to foods. That’s why big companies (like cereal and bread manufacturers) use it to poison our food supply while reaping BIG profits. It’s not a fair fight!

4) Dairy – According to USA Today, 75% of adults have problems digesting dairy. You’ve probably noticed this in your own body after drinking milk. Perhaps you get a bloated belly that adds embarrassing inches to your waistline, or maybe it makes you run to the restroom. Take it out – and I’ll show you how – and you will feel better.

5) Soy – Men definitely should not eat soy, and there’s no good reason for women to use it either. After all, 93% of soy is genetically modified and has one of the highest pesticide contamination rates of any food. It also contains extremely high levels of natural toxins. Soy can even mess with your thyroid hormones and could slow down your metabolism, wiping out your energy.

As you can see, this list of ingredient side effects is nasty. You’ll want to AVOID all of these…but HOW can you do that and still enjoy your favorite foods while burning fat?

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PS – Keep on Changing!

Be proud of the healthy changes you are making in your life. There are many more folks secretly wishing someone will take charge and be a healthy role model for them. It might not happen overnight, but if you continue to lead by healthy example – without preaching or being condescending – you can build an entourage of social support and people who want to be healthy like you.

Let the past go and start fresh, right here, right now. It is not too late to change. Keep moving towards your vision. Never stand still.