5 Tips To Sell More

This is a real quick BIG lesson.

So many folks forget to do this. They caught up in Facebooking, blogging, and all that jazz…BUT:

Do NOT forget to…

SELL your OWN stuff.

It’s great to create content, give stuff away, and promote other people, but here’s what you must do.

In this 5-Step Sell Yourself System, you’re going to focus on creating the best email copy for your product.

You might learn that you can send a lot of clicks, but not a lot of sales. That means you need to get back to your main copy after this exercise…but hopefully, you find a new message that resonates…one that you know will help affiliates send a lot of visitors and a LOT of sales.

Okay, go nuts on this:

a) Set aside 3 days on your calendar to promote just YOU.

b) Come up with a new angle on selling your product.

c) Brainstorm the most effective subject lines that will get your best open rates.

d) Brainstorm the best email copy with best call-to-action that gives a great clickthrough rate

e) Put the stats together in a new Internet Moneyball package for affiliates

Let me know how it goes!

Craig Ballantyne
PS – Let me know…

…if you like the really short content tip emails. Thanks!

PPS – The first and most important SALE…

…that you must make everyday is selling YOURSELF. Step up & sell yourself on your abilities, goals & dreams. Believe in yourself. Keep on pushing on. Never give up on what is important to you. Stay strong, get STRONGER every day. I believe in you. You CAN do it!

Craig Ballantyne

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