5 Secrets to Never Gain Weight on Weekends

This makes me really angry.

When so-called experts give you advice that is wrong, wrong, WRONG, like this dietician from Toronto who gets featured in our big newspaper. She recommended drinking orange juice for breakfast while on a fat loss program. That’s plain wrong.

Last year, the British Journal of Medicine reported that drinking juice increases your risk of diabetes. So how could juice be good for fat loss?

Brutal advice. And you wonder why you gain weight from weekend brunches, right? Well, there’s science for that, too!

My buddy, Lou Schuler (who gave me my first break in the fitness industry), wrote in the December issue of Men’s Health, “most people’s lose weight from Monday to Friday, but weekend eating causes weight gain.

This is Solution #1 to avoiding weekend weight gain

Lou, one of the experts that actually gets things right in magazines, gave us four more solutions to NEVER gain weight on the weekend:

#2 – Eat more protein early in the day to fight hunger at other meals
#3 – Be boring at home and eat according to your normal routine
#4 – Check restaurant menus in advance so you find fat loss options
#5 – Pick your poison when eating out … that means you get to choose from one of: Drinks, Dessert, or Bread. You can’t have all three.

Honest Admission: I choose drinks, and it’s always two Black Russians with Chopin potato vodka. Those are about 200 calories each. Two drink max.

It’s easy for me to avoid bread and desserts, but if you struggle with those temptations, just use this plan that allows you to eat

WHATEVER you want every 5th day. Read about it here.

Tonight I’ll be out, enjoying my ‘2 cups poison’, at Il Gabbiano in Miami. The rest of my meal will be seafood and vegetables. I’ll be too full for dessert. And I won’t have filled up on empty bread calories before dinner, because I’m having a high protein breakfast of 4 scrambled eggs (with a side of spinach, followed by an apple, and washed down with Green Tea).
That’s how you avoid getting fat on weekends.

It’s easy.

Start by saying NO to having dessert for breakfast (avoid cereal, pancakes, muffins, etc.) Seriously, those are all no better than eating cake and ice cream at 9 in the morning. And who would do that? Not you!

After all, you’re the type of person that BURNS fat on the weekend, or at least you will when you follow this plan.

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Have a great weekend,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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