5 Habits Destroying Your Diet

“5 Habits Destroying Your Diet”
By Daniel Woodrum, MCTT

Habit 1: Eating “Super” Healthy Foods

Doesn’t that sound like blasphemy? Let me explain. Too often people focus on the latest new pricy diet food that is supposed to help you instantly shed fat. Sadly, there are NO “special” diet foods. Nothing can beat whole, natural foods such as fruits, veggies, raw nuts, eggs, lean protein, etc. Many diet foods that are low calories, low fat, sugar free are even worse than the original versions.  Studies show that diet foods may even make it harder to reduce cravings for sweets.

Habit 2:  Trying to Eat a “Perfect” Diet

Have you ever tried the “All or Nothing Approach” to eating? It NEVER works because it is too restrictive. You might do well with this approach for a week or two, but 99 times out of 100 you will end up binge eating and completely falling off track. Instead of doing a strict eating plan that doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, try to find strategies that can work with your lifestyle like the Big Dinner Diet. You’re going to have slip ups, and that’s okay. Just get right back on track and continue with your healthy approach.

Habit 3: Doing it All Alone

There’s no bigger mistake than trying to lose weight alone. However, sometimes friends and family just don’t understand or might not take you seriously.  Explain your mission (be specific) and kindly ask for their support. This will help you in two major ways. First, it makes them aware of how they influence your eating and workout habits. Secondly, it holds you more accountable for your actions. Now you will have a support system when you go through struggles, which we experience.

Habit 4: Having Unrealistic Results:

A few months ago I asked a gentleman at my gym how much weight he wanted to lose over the next 4 weeks. He said 50lbs of fat loss and at least 10lbs of muscle. My jaw nearly hit the floor. Most people set themselves up for failure before even starting. Chances are you didn’t gain 10, 20, 30 pounds in a month, so you can’t expect to lose it that quickly either. Despite what you see on “The Biggest Loser”, weight loss is a slow, gradual process. It takes commitment, resilience, and patience. You should enjoy the journey of eating healthy and losing weight at a steady pace. It’s okay to be ambitious, but you’ve your goals and expectations must be realistic.

Habit 5: Sidetracked Eater

I must admit, this habit has haunted me for years…(continued next page)

If you eat and do anything else simultaneously, you’ve got a bad habit. Guilty as charged! There’s overwhelming research that showing that adults and children who have the most electronics (computer, iPhones, videos, TV) are more likely to be overweight and obese. Studies show that distracted eaters wolf down up to 100% more calories after a meal compared to those who eat mindfully. On top of that, those who eat and watch TV at the same time consume 20 to 100% more calories compared to those without any distractions. When your brain is distracted, it takes a lot more calories to get the level of fullness. Turn of the gadgets and eat your meal in peace.