5 Food Tricks and Tips for a Flat Belly

Ol’ Bally the Nutrition Dog here to help you fix your diet for the week ahead. I’ve been sniffing around the latest nutrition research – and in garbage bins, too Smiling face (black and white) – to find the fastest fat-burning diet tips for you.

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Who, me? I didn’t do it!

I’ve discovered one of the secrets to losing belly fat is controlling your insulin levels. Insulin is the hormone that causes your body to store fat and it STOPS fat burning. That’s why you want to keep your insulin levels low.

Processed foods, like white bread, sugary yogurts, crackers, and other junk SPIKE your insulin levels and pile the pounds on your belly and buns. Breakfast cereals, like Special K, are really bad, and they also don’t fill you up for a long time.

Tip #1: Whole, natural foods, like fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, eggs, and nuts, don’t spike your insulin. When you stick to protein, fiber, and healthy fats at every meal, you’ll lose belly fat fast. That’s why my ol’ man, CB, includes these foods at every meal so that he stays ripped with 6-pack abs, like me. 3 woofs for abs! Woof, woof, woof!

For example, this morning ol’ CB ate his favorite breakfast of 4 scrambled eggs and steamed spinach covered with a tablespoon of olive oil. (If you love toast, stick to one slice from a high-fiber variety.) That’s a meal you can get at any restaurant, too.

At home, he sometimes he eats a weird breakfast bowl of walnuts, ½ a banana, almond butter, chocolate protein powder, and coconut oil mixed together. It’s odd, but delicious! I know, because sometimes I get to lick the bowl. *wags tail*

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Ok, I did it 🙂

If you absolutely must have cereal, try the Banana-Quinoa porridge, steel-cut oatmeal, or “overnight oatmeal” recipes from Chef Gui’s Eat More Burn More cookbook here.

Tip #2: At lunch, ol’ CB sticks to a Flat Belly Salad (recipe below). When he’s in Denver, at our Early to Rise office (that’s the company that runs Turbulence Training), he goes to a little place called Mad Greens for a custom salad. When he’s back at home on the farm in Canada, he makes his own (with my supervision, of course).

The perfect flat-belly salad:

  • A light protein (like salmon or chicken)
  • Spinach or mixed greens (but none of that nasty kale!)
  • Sundried tomatoes
  • Artichokes
  • Black olives
  • Grilled mushrooms
  • Drizzled with olive oil

Finish with an apple or orange if you have a sweet tooth.

If you must, you can have that in sandwich or wrap form by choosing either Ezekial bread or Paleowraps (from JulianBakery.com).

At dinner, we feast. Time for a bigger meal than lunch… and that means more table scraps for ol’ Bally the Kitchen Hoover Dog. Smiling face (black and white) Ol’ CB loves a simple meal of steak, chicken, or pork, sweet potatoes, and asparagus or brussel sprouts sautéed in olive oil with garlic and a bit of bacon (if we’ve been good boys).

Tip #3: You’ll notice he doesn’t drink any calories, although he tries to have some Green Tea or peppermint tea during the day. All three of those meals fill him up.

Now about those TRICKS…

No, I’m not talking about “roll over” or “play dead” type of doggy tricks… you’re about to discover a few sneaky, cheap ways to increase your fat burning.

Ol’ CB uses a couple of diet tricks, too, to keep his insulin levels low and fat-burning metabolism high.

Trick #1: Each morning, before breakfast, he has a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar (ACV) in water. “It helps control your blood sugar levels,” says Dr. Carol Johnston, director of the Arizona State Nutrition program.

Second, it helps digestion because it contains healthy probiotic bacteria (it might help if you struggle with constipation).

And while there’s been a little bit of research (from Japan) to suggest that simply taking ACV helps you lose weight, we’re not sure… but we do know that it’s got a bunch of health benefits and it doesn’t cost much.

Trick #2: First thing in the morning ol’ CB has a “healthy belly” shake of glutamine, vitamin C, Daily Energy (a greens drink powder), and psyllium fiber blended up in ice cold water. This mix keeps your insulin low and boosts regularity.

The fiber controls insulin while the other ingredients support your immune system. It’s been years since ol’ CB has had as much as a cold… even though he spends so much time in airports and on airplanes.

Those two tricks and the breakfast, lunch, and dinner options above are 5 quick-and-easy solutions for improving your fat burning hormones.

You can easily put those to work for you today.

Alright, you want one more trick?

No, I’m not going to chase my tail.

But there is a 30-second trick you need to check out. It will help you get a flat belly.

Discover the 30-Second Ab Trick to Get a Flat Belly in Only 21 Days

Have a great week,

Bally the Nutrition Dog
Certified Dog, Professional Eater

PS – Hey, it’s Craig (aka ol’ CB)…

I had to proofread this email from Bally… you can imagine how many typo’s there are when you’re typing with paws…

But anyways, in addition to the great diet tips above, I wanted to leave you with this Kickbutt Mindset Motivation Tip for the week ahead:

You win tomorrow by planning your day tonight. Use a time journal to identify temptations and time vampires that suck your energy and resources. Eliminate them from the script. Replace bad habits with good ones and give yourself an incentive for sticking to them.

If you believe in something, if you have a vision, if you have a goal, then be proud of it. Live and lead by example. Have courage. Stand out. Encourage and motivate others through your actions and attract positive people and powerful support into your world.

Push on and stay strong!