5 Exercises Not to Do

I woke up this morning compelled to share something with you. I don’t know where it came from…but since posting it on the TT Facebook page, it’s already received comments like:

“Thanx, i definately needed that coz am at a verge of a physical & mental break-Down.”… and … “Beautiful Thank you” …and… “really needed that”

Here’s what I wrote in your important Mindset Tip for the Day

Change IS possible. At ANY age. In ALL areas of life. Under EVERY circumstance. No matter how bad you feel it is going, no matter how snowed under you got yesterday (figuratively or literally!), no matter what obstacles lay before, you CAN overcome these struggles. Things will get better.

Flowers can grow in the tiny cracks of sidewalks under the hot sun. People in worse circumstances than yours were able to rise up. So no excuses. You can do it. Move forward, one small, but significant step at a time.

Here’s to a new life. Starting today, starting now. Make the right decisions. Lean on the right people. Live for the right goal. You can do it. I believe in you. Your time is now. (Please share with those who need it. Thank you!)

I hope this mindset tip helps you, too, in all areas of your life. We hear from so many men and women from all over the world that are struggling, and it is our goal to get you sorted out on your path to success, no matter if it is with motivation, diet, or exercise. Solving your problems is our raison d’etre.

It bothers me personally to see you struggling, and that is why I dedicate my life to finding solutions to your problems.

One issue that causes me great distress is seeing so many hard-working men and women using USELESS exercises in the gym. I can’t stand it.

Here are 5 moves I witnessed in the gym on Monday that are a WASTE of time and even dangerous for you.

#1) DB Side Bends

These will not help you get a slim waist, get a flat stomach, or help you build rock-hard 6-pack abs. These are a total waste of time, unless you are a heavy squatting Powerlifter.

#2) 1-Leg Exercises

Now I don’t mean lunges, split squats, or step-ups. Instead, I’m referring to the silly trend where trainers have clients do rows or presses while standing on one leg. It’s ineffective. You will get more bang-for-your-buck by doing the basics, with good form, a tight core, and a challenging weight.

#3) Standing on a Ball or Half-Ball (BOSU Ball)
Again, a silly trend. I see trainers telling clients to do squats on a BOSU ball even though the client has no idea how to do a proper squat while standing on a regular, flat floor. The silly trainer is trying to look fancy and justify their overpriced rate. It’s sad and drives my blood pressure through the roof!

But just as with the above, you will get more bang-for-your-buck by doing the basics, with good form, a tight core, and a challenging weight while standing on the firm floor with both feet.
#4) Long, Slow, Boring Cardio – I.e. The Elliptical

Trainer John Rusin made a great point in his recent article, “The elliptical machine is too easy. However, it’s great for mental zombies who enjoy pretending to exercise.“
I’m sorry if that truth hurts, but it’s the harsh truth.

My ‘Human Nature’ test confirms it. Go into any gym. Look at the cardio equipment. The most popular machine is the elliptical. Why? It’s Human Nature to take the EASY way out.

Now compare the bodies of the people on the elliptical, taking the easy way out, and the bodies of folks doing the HARD basics in the strength training area…that’s where the slim, sexy bodies will be found.

That’s the cold, hard (body) truth.

#5) 30-Minute Arm Workouts for Overweight Folks

Listen, I love arm training, but if you are a 39-year old woman that needs to lose 25 pounds, you do not need to be spending 30 minutes doing six different arm exercises, like Hammer Curls or worse, the ultimately useless arm exercise, Triceps Kickbacks. Skip those.

Use these basic at home workouts instead to replace those time wasters

My workouts, as you know, are super basic. In fact, I’ve been snowed in on the farm for a couple of days, and here’s a photo of the garage gym that I’ve been using to do my workouts. No elliptical machine in site!

The basics are ALL you need.

Sometimes I feel like it is US against the World in the fight for your time and success. But don’t worry, TT is here and on your side, finding the best solutions to solve your problems.

Use these basic at home workouts instead to replace those time wasters

Back to basics to get the body you want,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – One more kickbutt Mindset Tip to power you through the day…

There will be times when people will try to embarrass you into joining them at Pizza Hut for an all-you-can-kill-yourself buffet. And listen, if you’re fine with accepting mediocre results, by all means, you can go and have a good time. I’m not here to force you into submission to never having fun.

But just remember, you’ll pay the consequences.

It’s better to discover why other people are trying to sabotage your plans and figure out how to deal with them. What are their motives?

What you are alternatives? Success begins and ends with your personal responsibility.

Success lives and dies with you and your ability to take the right action.

Identify what needs to be done and do it today. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Say No more often. Say YES to Focus. Say NO to other people’s drama. You deserve better. Stay strong and NEVER, ever give up on what is important to you. You can do it. I believe in you. – Craig B.