5 Big Announcements From The CTT World

What an exciting time to be a part of the TT World!

We can’t wait for you to have your own success story with us.

  • We’re soon going to pass 200 certified TT Trainers.
  • We’ll soon have opened our 4th TT-FBBC location with Ray Ortiz, CTT, and Daniel Woodrum, MCTT.
  • We have over 270,000 Facebook Fans.
  • We just launched Chef Gui’s new Eat More, Burn More cookbook.
  • We just finished our first 30-Day Challenge program with coach Missi Holt, CTT.

And we are coming up on the 25th (yes, the 25th!) TT Transformation Contest. Just wait till you see the Grand Prize for that! There is so much going on and I am so grateful to all the TT Trainers for being a part of this rocket ride to success. We are making a huge impact on the health and fitness of hundreds of thousands of people, and every day we get closer to our 10 Million Transformation Mission.

Each month there are more and more opportunities for you to play a BIG part in the CTT world. You could be like Chase Nance, a young CTT from Atlanta who is going to apprentice under Daniel & Brittney Woodrum’s tutelage at our new FBBC location in Greenville, South Carolina. You could be like Master CTT, Chris Lopez, traveling the world and delivering certifications. You could be like Gilroy D’Souza, speaking at International Fitness Events in India to represent TT.

You could be like Catherine Gordon, the superstar Transformation Celebrity that spreads our message through her great videos. You could be like Ali Fox, opening bootcamps in Australia. You could be like Shawn Stevens, Lesa Gutenkunst, Brent Neevel, and Brian Kalakay, bringing fitness to the heartland of America. You could be like Ray Ortiz, Can-Fit Pro’s 2015 Trainer of the Year, who is an incredible speaker growing the CTT world and his business.

There are so many other TT Trainers on the verge of breakthroughs. From Leslie Millican in Boston who just had a record breaking class to Molly Piercy in South Carolina who put together a breast cancer awareness bootcamp with over 100 attendees! And then you have Brittany Bremer, who made a life changing transformation and is now helping others…

Click here for more information on upcoming TT Certification events.

“Today marks my 1 year anniversary at Sheboygan Fit Body Bootcamp. I can’t believe what has changed in just one year. I have lost almost 70 lbs and 17 percent body fat. I ran several obstacle courses including the Tough Mudder in 3.5 hours. I also have gained a certification under Turbulence Training and now train classes at Boot Camp. I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for me! Excited to pay it forward and continue to help others. Thank you to CTT Brent Neevel and TT for your encouragement and support.”

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What a difference a year makes!

If you want to be like Brittany and all our other CTT’s make sure to join us at one of our Upcoming Live TT Certification Events

This is an informative, hands-on Training Transformation Certification where our Master Turbulence Trainers will work with you and a small group to show how you can become the fat loss authority in your community. This is a GAME-CHANGER. If you want to enjoy financial freedom while helping others, you need to be at one of these events.

I am getting a caffeine-buzz just from writing about these incredible opportunities, success stories, and professional transformations. And I haven’t even had my Green Tea yet today! I am so excited and grateful for our future together.

“To make great things happen, you need to invest a lot of heart,” said Charlie Hallac.

So never stand still. Keep moving forward, diagonally, laterally if you have to… but keep moving, pushing, progressing, searching, helping, giving, and acting… To make great things happen… Do what you can right now for your right life.

And always remember this Powerful Persuasion Motto: People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.

Go and help people achieve their dreams today, get rid of the obstacles in their way, and they will always, always, always come back to you. That’s how you attract the right people and associate with the best to improve your life.

See you soon at an event,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer


PS – We’ve eliminated all the excuses for you.

We have a number of CTT events coming up for the remainder of 2015 and into 2016. Even if you have to travel by plane or train, that’s a small investment for a huge payoff. Click here for more information on upcoming events.

We are also looking to hold more events. If you have any dates or location requests for future CTT Events please let us know. Email Daniel Woodrum at dwood7325@gmail.com with your ideas. We offer some great incentives for anyone who hosts an event.