5 American Foods to Avoid

foods to avoidAccording to the US government, breads, sugary drinks, pizza, pasta dishes and “dairy desserts” like ice cream are among Americans’ top 10 sources of calories.

What do these foods have in common?

They are largely the products of five bad foods — corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, sorghum — that are funded by the federal government.

This funding keeps junk food dirt cheap.

And dirt cheap junk food allows companies to spend a LOT on tricky marketing.

That’s why we get hooked on bad foods… and gain weight… and lose our health.

It’s not your fault.

Everyone is conspiring against you.

These bad foods increase…

  • Belly fatdrinks to avoid
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar
  • And inflammation

Turning your body into a ticking time bomb.

So what can you do?

Well, my friend Chef Gui Alinat has the answer.

But NO, it’s not a starvation diet.

Chef Gui has a solution that is safer and better than another diet.

In fact, over 250,000 have followed his advice.

(He’s even more popular than me! And better looking and more charming, too)

Here are a few tricks and tips that Chef Gui recommends.

#1 – Use a food diary to lose weight faster
Research shows that if you write down what you eat, that you eat LESS, but you stay full.

You will find ways to cut those 5 bad foods… and eat better ones instead.

#2 – Use sneaky swaps to cut calorieshealthy foods

If you cut out a morning bagel and replace it with eggs, you’ll lose weight.

If you cut out crackers and eat walnuts or almonds instead, you’ll lose weight.

If you swap real fruit for fruit juice, you’ll lose fat and feel better.

These are just three of the hundreds of food swaps Chef can help you with.

#3 – Plan, shop, and prepare

Give Chef Gui just one hour on the weekend…

…and he’ll help you make better choices.

Chef will give you the grocery list and meal plans you need to succeed.

He takes all the mystery out of grocery shopping.

You’ll be a pro-shopper, cutting calories and saving money, with Chef’s help.

Learn more about sneaky food swaps and losing weight from Chef Gui here

Say goodbye to bad American foods and say hello to a healthy body again.

These are the secrets you need to lose weight faster,

Your coach,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – There’s more to life than junk food or dieting…

Success is not just a number on a scale or clothing label.

Success is the achievement of living with maximum energy and having built the habits that make good, healthy choices seem natural to you.

When you choose to eat healthy and you choose to exercise instead of watching TV, that is achievement. This will help you love life and the people around you more.

The process is often just as important as the physical progress. A body transformation cannot happen without a mental transformation as well.

Let’s go and make a small step in the right direction of big changes, right now. This will make it a great day for you.

You can do it, I believe in you

Craig Ballantyne

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