4 Video Sales Letter Desire Secrets

Mikey “PSL – Pancakes Sales Letter” Whitfield is hyped about this VSL information that he is getting from Jon Benson. And this is the FREE info…let alone what he learned at our Vegas Mastermind meeting. So I had Mikey put together some notes. Consider this a $1000 education in creating a Video Sales Letter. Print this out. – Craig


Jon Benson VSL Secrets
By Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield

I’ve been in learning mode the last couple of weeks as I’m looking for ways to improve my copywriting.

Recently, Jon Benson and Ryan Deiss had a great webinar on video sales letters including the intro, what they call the “Pattern Interrupt”.

The Truthmeister

Benson told us the truth… the cold, hard truth… and that is you have just a few seconds (YES, SECONDS) to grab someone’s attention when they click on your Video Sales Letter.

That’s why they started this webinar with a formula on your Pattern Interrupt (and some other gems, too).

Mikey “I Didn’t Watch This While Eating Pancakes… I Promise” Whitfield

Jon Benson/Ryan Deiss Webinar Notes
Triple Pattern Interrupt – You have less than a matter of seconds to get their attention.

– A Triple Pattern Interrupt gets people relaxed and gets rid of the “This is a sales video” message. You use 3 separate images and tell the prospect how these images will (insert benefit of watching this video).

– Unlock the “no” they have in their head and get them to say “yes” on a subconscious level to watch

– Try to use a famous celebrity if possible on your 3rd image… tie it into your story.


Ninja Tactic  – When people exit out of your TEXT sales page, ask them if they would like to read an article about one of the benefits of your product. Redirect them to your sales page, however, the first 5 paragraphs should be different. The rest of the sales page can be the same.

For VSLs – same thing, but change the first 10 slides.

Note – Your job is to solve problems, NOT to sell stuff or be clever.

Get your prospect to understand that your sales page is the only website on Earth that really GETS THEM.

The secret behind all the secrets of selling is the ability to give your prospect the feeling that they are completely understood.

There Are 4 Quadrants of Desire:

1)    Wants
2)    Fears
3)    Pleasures
4)    Needs

75% of all sales are made emotionally and justified logically.

Only “Needs” are left-brain dwellers; the rest are charged emotionally.

Never, EVER mention your product in the headline. No one cares. They care about the benefits it delivers.

Example using a book about housebreaking your dog:

First – what does you prospect WANT?


Now… what’s their fear?


Pleasure: A home that smells nice helps me relax.


Rest Easy When You Leave the House Knowing That Your Dog is Housebroken

Another Headline using Fear (using the second “why”):

Are Your Friends Asking “What’s That Awful Smell!” The Moment They Leave Your Home?

The above headline plays into multiple emotions – the want of acceptance, the fear of embarrassment, the pleasure of having friends and all while the need of housebreaking your dog is perfectly expressed.

Thanks Mikey!

See you in California this weekend at the Info Summit!

Desire success,

Craig Ballantyne

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