4 Steps to Get a 20% Revenue Bump

Revenue bump

Get a revenue bump by increasing your average cart value by 20%.

This is the first of three short emails about how to make more money, starting with tips from one of our Info-Mastermind members.

He explained to me how he increased the Average Cart Value (CV) of his product by 20% with only 4 changes.

I can confidently say, these tips are killer…

Tell me here if any work for you.
Enjoy! – CB

How I went from $32 to $40 Cart Value (CV) in 4 Weeks

My front-end product is $19 and my average cart value was $32 per sale, but after making these changes it’s now over $40. How?

Step #1 – More Order bumps

I have two order bumps. Order bump No.1 is a 3-Day Detox at $14.95. Order bump No.2 is a butt and thigh sculpt at $7.95.

Take away: Don’t be afraid to make an order bump higher priced. When tested,  higher priced order bumps actually had a higher take rate. I know… weird but true.

Step #2 – Add Higher Quality Bonuses

I took Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield’s advice and added bonuses to my upsell products. The best part was I created very little to nothing for them.

One of my added bonuses was my 8-week program upsell, which included entry into an already existing Facebook group I manage for my local clients who do 8-week challenges.

Take away 1: Use what you already have. Most of us have 100’s of products already available but then try and create a whole new product for a bonus. You may simply need to revamp an already existing product.

Take away 2: People like community so it’s a great bonus product. Not to mention, the ability to connect them with new products in the future.

Step #3 – Create a ‘PHASE 2’

I originally had my second upsell as a new 8-week program. I changed it to “PHASE 2” of my front-end product (keeping literally everything the same but adding the words PHASE 2 and changing very little copy), then moved it to my first upsell, and increased the price from $27 to $37.

This increased my take rate from around 25% at the second upsell to more than 30% at the first upsell with a higher price point.

Take away 1: Give people more of what they want for your first upsell. If they bought my 14-day product they’re more likely to take my “PHASE 2” 8-week program.

Take away 2: Don’t be afraid to increase the price. Even though it was already converting at 25% I was able to bump that to more than 30% at a higher cost.

Step #4 – Always Be Testing

Little moves here and there are what eventually got me to a $40 CV.

The biggest Take away:

There’s no one thing that will get you from $30 CV to $40-plus CV. It’s a combination of a lot of little things.

We’ll the tips coming your way!

Craig Ballantyne

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