4 Simple Ways to Get People From YouTube to Your Website

Last week, at least 30 people pointed me to a video of an unconventional wedding on YouTube. With pop music blasting in the background, it showed the wedding party (including the bride) dancing down the aisle in an elaborately choreographed routine. Maybe you’ve seen it. It’s gotten more than 8 million views.

YouTube – coupled with the Internet’s worldwide reach – can make a video go viral almost instantly. Just think of the Susan Boyle phenomenon. Almost 30 million people watched the YouTube video of her performance on “Britain’s Got Talent”!

But what good does a viral video do if you can’t turn it into sales?

The first step is to get the people who view your video to your website. (That’s where you present your offer and entice them to make a purchase.)

Here’s how to do it:

1. Make sure you mention your website address (or business location) during the video.

2. Put up a screenshot at the beginning and end of your video encouraging viewers to visit your site. (You may want to give them something in exchange. For instance, I tell viewers of my videos to visit my website to get a free report.)

3. Stamp the video with a “watermark” of your website address that shows throughout the entire thing.

Until recently, I thought there was nothing more I could do. But then I stumbled on a way to get a direct link to my website within the video – and it turned out to be a real success secret. After all, many people who view your video aren’t going to bother making a note of your website address and typing it into their browser. But if you give them a live hyperlink to your site, they’ll click on it.

And YouTube makes it so easy that I was kicking myself for not having done it sooner.

All you have to do is post your website address in YouTube’s “About This Video” section (being sure to include http:// at the beginning of it). That’s it. You automatically get a live link that allows viewers of your video to be transferred to your site with a click of their mouse.

Once they’re there, your sales copy will persuade them to opt in to your newsletter or purchase your product. And it will be easier than it ever was before, because you will already have made a personal connection with them through your video.

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