4-Day Detox

You’re going to love today’s guest essay.

It’s from one of my first ever Certified Turbulence Trainers, Mike Whitfield. He’s known as Mr. Pancakes because he loves a good cheat-day morning stack with butter and syrup.

You might even have seen him down at your local IHOP. Rumor has it he’s on a mission to visit every IHOP in America! 🙂

But seriously… Mikey knows what it’s like to struggle with his weight.

Ten years ago he weighed over 300 pounds.

Today he is over 100 pounds lighter and leaner, and the proud father of two young boys, and he and his amazing wife Sabrina even have regular “basketball game dates.”

How cute is that?

Alright, enough about Mikey… let’s focus on YOU and the great info he has to help you lose fat today.

Talk soon! – CB


The Truth About Dangerous Detoxes
by Mike Whitfield

What is the deal with these “Master Cleanses” and dangerous Detoxes? It’s almost out of control. In fact, my longtime client of 9 years was telling me about his friend drinking nothing but chicken broth and water for 3 days.

I can see it now… on day 4, I would binge on a large pizza, some Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Doritos. Any weight lost would come back on within minutes.

But when you see promises such as “lose 10lbs in 2 days”, it attracts us to at least try it when we’re frustrated and hit a plateau.

Sure, these gimmicks may trick you into thinking you’ve lost weight because the scale goes down, but you end up losing water weight with no energy.

I’m all about a fast start. After all, seeing results immediately gives you the motivation to keep going.  But when we’re constantly told to cut out bread or any other food group for that matter, it’s just not doable.

Then when we can’t stick with it and we feel defeated, so we go back to our old ways. That’s why we’re seeing a rise in obesity.

It comes down to this…

A fast start that leads into an achievable long-term plan.

Today, you’ll get a simple “template” that will give you that fast start. It’s actually doable and with just as good results as those dangerous cleanses.

The 4-Day Detox Template:

1) Drink 80 – 100 ounces of water every day

2) Move your body (preferably in the morning) for 5-10 minutes using low to non-impact movements and be sure to hit all major muscle groups. Do this all 4 days.

Moving your body (without destroying it) encourages blood flow to flush out toxins from your system.

3) Keep dairy and grains to an absolute minimum (milk, cheese, bread, pasta, etc., etc.)

4) Eat only until you are 80% full, using fruits and veggies as your main source of food.

5) Keep caffeine to just one serving MAX per day (preferably NO caffeine).

6) Eliminate red meat and processed sugars (c’mon – it’s just 4 days!)

This 4-day detox propels you into a longer, more achievable long-term plan like my Achievable Body.

I named it “The Achievable Body” because it’s… well, achievable.

You don’t have to eat only organic foods…

You don’t have to eat all your cheat foods in one day (you actually get 4-6 cheat meals over the weekend (or whatever 3 days work for you)…

You don’t have to give up sugar or bread…

If this sounds good to you, I explain how it works leveraging a surprising Cornell University study.

In fact, my own mom lost 66 pounds leveraging this study (no, not in just a few weeks. It did take her a few months). But it’s VERY doable…

Eat what you want all weekend and lose 2-3lbs EVERY week (PROOF)

Talk soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Hey, if you’re struggling or loving life…

Whether it’s been a great month or a horrible month, always remember the wisdom: “This too shall pass.” Good times will end before you know it, so make those memories now. And our struggles will all be over soon, too. So stay strong, get stronger, keep going, and never give up. This too shall pass.

And if you are struggling with something…

Learn to practice compartmentalization (i.e. pushing out all thoughts, worries, and distractions from your mind so you can focus).

Do not allow yourself to be distracted all day. Instead, schedule one 10-minute worry break per day. You can feel sorry for yourself just for that time.

Then end the pity party and get back to what you need to do and focus your energy on moving towards what matters.

Stay strong and get stronger!