Coaching Will Cure This

I used to suffer from Monday Morning Anxiety. It started at about 2pm every Sunday, just after lunch, as my thoughts turned from relaxation to what I called, ‘the pressure’.

It was a combination of knowing I had to get up at 4:30am to go work for someone else, to work on their schedule, to do a job that I no longer loved, and to work with co-workers who brought me down in an environment filled with gossip and idle talk.

But the worst part was the Sunday evening sleep ritual. Without fail, every Sunday I would try to get to sleep at a decent hour, only to be kept awake by Monday Morning Anxiety.

It was a catch-22. The more I wanted to sleep, the harder it was.

The cure for my Monday More for my Monday Morning Anxiety was to start my own business. To be my own boss. To take control of my future. To finally do something I wanted to do every working hour of the day.

Today I work on my own schedule, from a quaint little home office that lets the sun shine in while watching my dog play outside.

I come and go as I please, answering only to my amazing customers from all over the world. No boss, no co-workers gossiping or trying to waste my time, and no stressful 35 minute commute to and from work. My Monday Morning Anxiety has been cured.

And yours can be too.

The solution starts with investing in yourself. I remember putting $297 (in 2003) for a set of CD’s that walked me through starting my Internet business. It was worth every penny, but I needed more.

This isn’t something you figure out how to do on your own. You need someone who has been there and done it.

Let us show you how to take control of your life by giving you the tools, guidance, and MENTORS you need.

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Craig Ballantyne

“The mistakes of your past are not who you are now. No matter what
you’ve done in your life you have a second chance that starts today.”