3 Steps To Making Money Online

At our 1-Day MM in Vegas I taught the 3 most important steps for online success. Here they are, in order:

1) Sell
2) Get customers
3) Sell more (see below)


Preaching to our Mastermind Group on Friday

When preparing your plan to sell you must set process goals, not just outcome goals. There’s a big difference.

Outcome goals are simply made up numbers, like when someone says they want to lose 20 pounds. That’s a dream, and not something entirely in your control. What matters are the actions you can take, the ones that you can control that will get you closer to the dream. For fat loss, process goals include having a goal of going to the gym three times per week, of doing bulk cooking sessions every Sunday, and of finding 3 support partners to help you get through tough times.

For creating wealth, your process goals are getting up and working for at least 90 minutes per day in your magic time on your #1 priority in life. That is what matters. That is what you can control. Do this and you will get to the outcome goal dreams you have in life.

I then explained Process Goals in the context of the Sell, Get Customers, Sell More rules that I listed above. Here are the action steps (Process Goals) a beginner would need to hit:

1) Sell – Set a 30-Day Deadline

Find out where are your customers & who has them & how you can get them
Create your sales message – 21 day turnaround
Create your product in a weekend

2) Get customers – Use the 6 Weeks to Low-Priced-Launch Formula

Low price launch with affiliates – BUY your BUYERS (100% commission)
Identify #1 lead generation source and focus ONLY on it
Create your 3 best promo emails – study email copywriting – to give to affiliates

3) Sell More to Your New Customers – Use this 4-Week Follow-up System

List all of your customer’s remaining problems
Find solutions & sell as an affiliate
Week 1 – Your stuff to new leads, sell new product to customers
Week 2 – Gap Week: Nutrition to workouts, workouts to nutrition
Week 3 – Complimentary competitor promo
Week 4 – Guaranteed best promo
Recruit these vendors as your affiliates

But never forget…

All the planning in the world is no good if you don’t follow through. Take fast action. Get started.

Learn your lessons. Make the right changes. Adjust course as you go.

Focus on improving yourself and you’ll improve your lot in life. Plan ahead to overcome obstacles.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Win your mornings, own your days, and control your life.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Always be selling,

Craig Ballantyne
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