3-Step Diet Fat Loss Plan


Football parties. Business dinners. Tempting fast food. Alcohol. Chocolate. More alcohol. More chocolate!

Worse, there are so many high-calorie health foods now that are so tasty and delicious that you can easily overeat.

And our portion sizes are spinning out of control!

Vox portion control

It’s stressful. It’s overwhelming.

And add to that the fact that you’re so busy, busy, busy that you run out of time to take care of yourself, right?

Well, here’s the good news.

I have this little 3-step system for fat loss…

This system first came to me back when I was 16 years old and reading my first bodybuilding magazines. I can still remember sitting around the old farmhouse and opening up a MuscleMag with Arnold on the cover.

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Can you spot the 16-year old CB in this soccer team photo?

In that issue was a list of common foods and the number of calories in each. For example, an orange, apple, and banana were about 100 calories, a piece of bread was about 75 calories (back then), and a cup of milk was 100 calories (with 8 grams of protein).

I memorized that list and have spent the rest of my life “eyeballing” my calorie intake. I know how much food is enough at each meal and for each day.

But most people don’t have all those numbers in their head.

Let me show you how to use my diet formula to lose fat…

Step #1 – Figure out how many calories you are eating.

Back in the “old” days of the Internet version 1.0, I would tell clients to use a site like Fitday.com to enter in their food intake and find out how many calories they were eating.

Today you can use one of the hundreds of apps that are out there.

If you do this for at least a week of regular eating, you’ll essentially get a “college degree” in meal planning and calorie counting.

You’ll know what foods are off limits if you want to stay under 2000 calories, and you’ll know which foods you can enjoy in larger quantities without worry.

Once you know your average daily intake, then you can move to the next step.

Step #2 – If you want to lose fat, improve the quality of your diet.

Notice how I’m NOT asking you to eat less. Instead, I want you to eat better.

Substitute your 6-inch Subway chicken breast sandwich (about 500 calories with cheese and sauce) for a big spinach salad with chicken breast, lots of vegetables, and olive oil.

Replace your daily bowl of cereal or bagel with two eggs and an apple.

And cut out all liquid calories. Orange juice is just as bad as soda when it comes to STOPPING fat loss, so kick it to the curb and replace it with water or Green Tea. (By the way, 1-2 cups of coffee per day are fine. You don’t have to give that up.)

These switcheroo’s naturally cut your calorie intake while helping you stay full longer.

As a result, you’ll lose weight naturally, without resorting to diet pills or potions, or starving yourself.

You might be able to stop there, but if you’re struggling, we’ll take one more action…

Step #3 – If you’re not losing fat, decrease your calorie intake by 10%.

Don’t dramatically cut your calories. Start with a decrease of 10%.

Of course, this will require you to use Fitday.com with your new diet (after you’ve improved the quality of food you are eating).

Those 3 steps are simple, and not only help you lose lots of fat safely and naturally, but also teach you the lifelong lifestyle secrets of men and women that keep off the weight effortlessly.

So channel your inner “16-year old Craig” and give yourself a free college-level education in meal planning.

Your flat belly forever will thank you.

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Giving you the secrets to fat loss,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – If you want to get better at anything…

“To improve you must surround yourselves with those who make you a better person. You must surround yourself with those who hold themselves to a high standard and hold you to that same standard. You must surround yourself with those who love you and care about even more than you may care about yourself. When you surround yourself with great people the path to your own greatness becomes immediately clear.” – Bobby Maximus