3 Secrets to NEVER Gain Weight When Eating Out at Restaurants

I had a late night out in Toronto on Friday with friends (ol’ CB was up till 2am!). The evening started off at Byblos, a hot, new Mediterranean restaurant, where I had grilled octopus and a rib-eye steak, and we finished with bowling – a perfect evening ☺. Along the way I stuck to my “secret diet weapon” I’ll share below that prevents me from gaining fat while eating out.

It’s actually easy to eat right at restaurants, BUT there’s nothing worse than thinking you are eating healthy only to find out that your “healthy choices” are leaving you bloated and stuck with belly fat. Healthy eating can be so confusing. For example, there are even certain fruits vegetables you need to avoid.

Here’s one example. Last year, the British Journal of Medicine reported that drinking juice increases your risk of diabetes, and yet so many politically correct nutritionists recommend juice as part of a “balanced” breakfast. That’s BAD advice. And you wonder why you gain weight from healthy eating, right?

Go here to discover the fruits and veggies you need to avoid

Men’s Health recently shared 3 solutions to NEVER gain weight when eating out:

#1 – Eat more protein early in the day to fight hunger & overeating at other meals
#2 – Be boring at home and eat according to your normal routine so you can enjoy eating out
#3 – Check restaurant menus in advance so you find fat loss options

And now here’s my diet secret weapon that allows you to really enjoy your nights out without gaining weight:

#4 – Pick your poison when eating out … that means you get to choose from one of these 3 “poisons”…You either get to have two drinks, a serving of dessert, or 2-3 slices of bread…but you can’t have all three. Pick your poison and savor it.

I always choose the booze (hey, what can I say, I’m a Scottish-German Canadian!). On Friday night I had a glass of wine with my rib-eye steak at dinner and then a pint of cider at the bowling lane. I think that pint even helped me bowl a few more lucky strikes as the night went on. ☺

It’s easy for me to avoid bread and desserts, but if you struggle with those temptations, just pick-your-poison and enjoy it at dinner – guilt-free.

Follow that plan and you’ll be a Super Fat-Burner that loses weight on weekends while eating out in addition to burning fat all week with my great short, burst workouts (watch for an awesome Arms & Abs circuit tomorrow). Until then, stop making “Healthy Diet Mistakes” by eating the wrong foods so that you can pick your poison and enjoy it guilt-free when you go out.

Avoid these unhealthy fruits and veggies if you want to lose weight

Eat right, burn fat, and have fun with the TT “no-sacrifice” Lifestyle.

Have a great week,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – CB’s Sunday Morning Sermon…

Start your day working on your #1 priority. Do the First-Things-First every morning, even today, because avoiding your problems will not make the situation better. Take action and attack problems head-on instead.

And remember…Time wasted at work and in long cardio workouts robs you of time with your family and friends. Quit stealing from them. Make the right decisions on how you use your time. Identify what REALLY matters in your life and make time for it.

Stay strong and keep on pushing on! You can do it. TT believes in you.