3 Secrets From Man Who Gave Himself Rich

He is one of the most generous men I know. His goal is to give more to Shriner’s Hospital than Justin Timberlake.

Last year he gave over $15K to our Toys for Tots drive.

He’s a Go-Giver Giant among men.

He also gives so much great free advice to his readers and Youtube subscribers that Spike TV asked him to star in a Reality Show.

That’s why I call him, “The Man Who Gave Himself Rich“. Sure, he worked hard, but he’s added such value and over-delivered that he couldn’t STOP the money from coming into his life – even if he tried.

That’s what happens when you are an extreme Go-Giver. And today he’s here to give you free advice on how to have your best year ever online in 2014.

You’ll discover…

=> How to properly break down your goals. If you have a goal of making a certain amount per year, break it down to how much that would be per month, per week and per day. It’s easier to digest that way.

=> How to invest in media that buys customers for your business. By following his formula for investing in media, you’ll discover how much money each customer is worth for the lifetime, not just the first transaction. So, a $7 offer could lead to bigger sales once you get that customer.

=> How sponsored stories are working really well for Facebook compared to going to another site

=> 2014 online sales & marketing trends (i.e. Facebook will be huge and the change coming in affiliates marketing relationships!)

Listen to the full Go-Giver interview here

This is why he’s one of my best friends in the world.

Enjoy his generosity,

Craig Ballantyne
“Stand out. You must stand for something and attract the right people while not being afraid to repel the wrong people. You need to over deliver, give faster results than promised, and become the go-to leader for your market.” – Bedros Keuilian