3 Quick Tips for Delicious Weight Loss Cooking

I love sharing these tips with you, and that’s why I dug around in my kitchen to bring you even more today. Enjoy them for more taste and faster weight loss.

Quick Tip #1 ==> Taste your food
An obvious one, that one. Yet, this is the number one mistake that culinary students make. Taste your food at every step of the way and use your senses. Why? This is your opportunity to adjust the flavors of your food, and ultimately make your fat loss meals even more enjoyable.

Quick Tip #2 ==> Start cold if you want to diffuse flavors
Bear with me here as we talk (easy) Chemistry. This is the principle of osmosis and diffusion. Anything (an onion in a soup, bones in a stock, meat in a stew, etc…) you start in a cold liquid (wine, water, stock), ends up diffusing a lot more flavors into the liquid than if you had started it in a hot liquid. That’s why we start a stock with cold water: we want the flavors of the bones to transfer into the water, which then becomes a stock as it cooks. Hot water on the other hand concentrates flavors. We don’t start a stock in hot water, only to end up with flavorful bones and tasteless water.

Quick Tip #3 ==> Start hot if you want to concentrate flavors
On the other hand, sometimes we just want to concentrate the flavors instead of diffusing them. It’s the case for searing or grilling. Anything you start in a hot environment, will end up keeping its flavors instead of releasing them. That’s why we grill steak on a hot grill: so a flavorful crust is formed and flavor is concentrated instead of diffused. Try (well, really, don’t!) to sear a chicken breast on a cold pan, then increase the heat and see what happens: the chicken boils instead of sears and ends up tasteless and nasty looking.

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