3 Politically Incorrect Truths About Online Success


I’ve received quite a few emails from folks who are struggling to succeed online.

So let me tell you some truths…some politically incorrect truths that you need to ‘get’ in order to succeed with your website business.

#1 – You have to learn how to sell

Not everyone likes this.

Most people hate it.

But if you want to run an online business, and not an online charity, then you have to learn how to ask for money in exchange for the value you deliver.


I’ve spent a lot of time on this in my Financial Independence Fast Start Coaching programs.

#2 – The number of people who don’t like you and call you names will increase.

Fact of life.

The more success you have, the more haters you will have. Even Mother Theresa had haters. I’m not joking.

You can Big G it. There are sites devoted to knocking Mother Theresa down a peg or two.

This doesn’t mean everyone is going to hate you, and even those people who “hate on you” would actually be your best buddy in person, but online, where they can be a bully, they will in fact be a bully. Human nature.

We need to get over it if we are going to commit full-on to helping as many people as possible.

#3 – The fastest way to success is super-duper politically incorrect.

I wrote about all the gory details here:

Learn that lesson well.

And I’ll be back tomorrow with one more most-excellent politically incorrect truth about success.

It’s actually a rule that will dramatically speed up your results.

Off to make some sales,

Craig Ballantyne

“What are you providing to the marketplace that does not already exist? What hole are you filling?  Until you have a strong point of view, it’s not a business.” – Joe Zee