3 Exercises NEVER to Do (Bally edition)

Woof, woof, ol’ Bally the Exercise Dog here, and the other day me and my “old man,” CB, were walking past a bootcamp in the park. We stood and watched for a few seconds because I had a fire hydrant to sniff.

09 16 tt craigandbally
Here I am taking ol’ CB through some exercises

Boy, oh, boy, were those folks making BIG mistakes in their workout. First of all, I pee all over that lawn. They should never exercise on that grass. LOL.

But more importantly, they were doing many USELESS exercises. I feel bad for those folks because they will never get that time back… and those long workouts won’t get them any results.

Here are the exercises they did that you must avoid! And it’s your lucky day, because I wagged my tail extra hard and gave ol’ CB a few extra disgusting kisses so that he would give you some alternative exercises to do.

1) Calf raises – There’s no point in doing these unless you want to be a pro-bodybuilder. They aren’t an effective use of your time. They don’t burn a lot of calories. They don’t result in a post-workout calorie afterburn. They don’t belong in your workout.

Better alternative from ol’ Craiggy: Total Body Extensions (TBX) => This total body exercise uses almost every muscle in the body. It burns more calories during and after your workout than calf raises ever could. The TBX also dramatically raises your heart rate and increases your aerobic fitness
09 16 tt katevidulich
Here’s Kate Vidulich, Certified TT Trainer, doing the TBX

There are so many benefits from this one simple move. It’s the best exercise that ol’ CB has ever invented!

2) Crunches or Superman Back Extensions – These are both TERRIBLE for your back. Any time you flex forward or extend backward, you risk herniating a disk in your low back. Plus, these have no fat burning benefit (remember that Men’s Health magazine said that you need to do 22,000 crunches in order to burn a pound of fat… that would take days!). Bottom line: Too dangerous and totally useless.

Better Alternative – Hard-core Plank: In a regular plank position, drive your elbows towards your hips, squeeze your butt as hard as possible, contract your abs as if someone was going to punch you in the stomach, and keep your body in a straight line for 20 seconds. Now that’s a CORE-training move!

3) Lunge Jumps – These are TOO advanced and too dangerous for anyone that is not a highly trained athlete. And even then you could still tear your Achilles tendon. The risks are just not worth it. So if you’re doing Cross-Fit or a hardcore bootcamp workout, ask for an alternative exercise.

Better Alternative – Low-Box Jumps. You don’t need to jump onto a 2-foot table or bench in order to get the benefit from jumping. Just set up a sturdy 6-10 inch box and jump up on it. Land with bent knees. Step down SLOWLY. That will be a low impact, total body explosive exercise that is safe and still works a lot of muscles.

Or you can just use the Total Body Extension where there is NO impact and it’s really great for your knees, cardiovascular health, and fat burning.

Woof, woof, that’s it for today. Please forward this email to anyone you know that is wasting time on these dangerous and useless exercises.

Cut those exercises out and you’ll save up to 15 minutes per workout. That time is better spent planning your nutrition. And what nutrition program should you use?

This one => This Diet Drops One Pound of Pure Fat in a Day

It gets 4 paws up from ol’ Bally the Exercise Dog.

Now get dropping those weekend pounds,

Bally the Dog
Certified TT Exercise Dog, Unemployed Comedian

PS – Time to get serious!

You must put URGENCY into your transformation. There must be a deadline – with consequences. Deadlines are magic, they spur us to great achievements. When you set a deadline, put in place an action plan, and have social support and accountability, that is when you’ll reach your goals. Get all of these in order. Leave your comfort zone, put a little pressure on yourself, and you WILL accomplish remarkable things.