$25,000 lessons

For years my friend Joe Polish had been inviting me to join his $25K group Mastermind. I didn’t doubt Joe’s wisdom or the amazing people in the group, but I also didn’t feel as though I had much to contribute, nor was there anything that his group could help with.

That all changed after I wrote my book and created The Perfect Day Formula book kit. Now I had something special to give to the group. Now I had something that I could leverage with the help of the connections in Joe’s Mastermind. It was a game-changer.

I attended my first meeting on Feb 25-26th. It was a big event with over 61 people in the room, including Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach, JJ Virgin, Isabel De Los Rios, ol’ Bedros Keuilian, a man that was Axl Rose’s personal assistant for 4 years, and some of the best speaking coaches in the world. Here are 3 BIG lessons from the $25K group.

#1 – Be Specific

Each attendee had 25 seconds (timed!) to give an introduction and say what they are looking to get help with. Most people left off with an enthusiastic, “I’m looking for advice to get to the next level!” This is too generic and doesn’t allow the others to “put their antennae up” and give you answers. But both Bedros and I were specific.

Bedros said, “I need a ghostwriter for my book”. Boom. He soon had suggestions. I said, “I need help selling 25,000 copies of the PDF Kit.” Boom. Multiple people offered to be affiliates AND to connect me to others. So… be SPECIFIC. It galvanizes people to action.

Here’s another example of specificity motivating others to action. When I launched my TT 10 Million Transformation goal (of helping change the lives of 10 million men and women physically, financially, and emotionally), it spurred complete strangers (like Mikey Whitfield, Daniel Woodrum, Catherine Gordon, and others) to join my Certification and do everything they could to help me.

At the $25K group, I had people come up and say, “Hey, I can help you reach at least 1,000 of those 25,000 people.” That’s the power of specificity. Generic phrases like, “Getting to the next level” inspire generic offers of decent help, but specific goals result in specific offers of support.

#2 – Position of Strength

As an introvert going into a new group of high-powered go givers, it’s tough to stand out, especially when there are 60 Type-A multi-millionaires in the room. Fortunately I had a secret weapon…The Perfect Day Formula kit. I shipped 65 kits in advance of the meeting so that everyone had one.

Sending the kit along gave me a Position of Strength. First, the “thud factor.” It’s “pretty frickin’ cool,” Joe said to everyone. Several other folks sent in small, self-published, paperback books. While that’s better than nothing… when you sit down at your spot and there’s a flimsy paperback and a giant, bright orange, professionally and lovingly designed kit there, which one is going to get your attention?

  Perfect day kits for everone     The lovely jj virgin   ol  cb

Perfect Day Kits for Everyone!        The lovely JJ Virgin & ol’ CB

Like a kid on Christmas morning, you’re going for what’s in “the big box.” I make this comparison… It’s like being in a smart car, pulling up beside a Ferrari, and revving the engine. The guy in the Ferrari can’t even hear you.

So sending a kit for everyone in advance gave me a position of strength. As an introvert, it was a powerful icebreaker and announcement to the group that I’m someone to pay attention to and get connected with.

Lesson for you: When you attend Mastermind Meetings and events like Fitness Business Summit, how can YOU stand out to them and show them that you’re an AAA+ player? Or how can you use this approach at other groups you attend, from your local Chamber of Commerce to other MM’s?

#3 – Position of Go-Giver

While the position of strength helped me overcome my shyness, sending the kit and having a specific “offer of help” to the group established me as a Go-Giver. As nice as it is, making the generic offer of “Let me know how I can help you”, doesn’t really get you very far in a relationship. It’s much better to go with a specific, “Here’s what I’m GOING to do for you…” commitment of help. Again, specificity is KING.

I’m able to say to the group, with transferred authority and credibility from the kit and from Joe’s referral, “I might not be able to help you with marketing, but I can help you squeeze 20-30% more productivity from your day, so let me know if you need help designing your perfect life. This is what I was born to help you with.”

Now the ice is broken and I can give, give, give to all those in attendance and add value… because that is what we all seek to do at Mastermind events… and that’s really where the power of being connected comes into play.

The only problem with Masterminding…

… is that I had so many big ideas racing through my head that I only slept for 3 hours. And then after spending the next morning in a car with a “coughing Bedros” on the way to an early hike, I caught my first cold in 3 years! Thanks B! #bestgifteverNOT

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    Craiggy B & Coughy B                   With Isabel & B at $25K