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21 Secret Traits that ALL Gurus Have (print this out)

Wow, I’m really sorry you missed that one. We just finished up our latest 1-Day Mastermind and it was a doozy. It was our biggest one yet…and 12 gurus are going home with the EXACT product launch plan they need to make big bucks online … and so 5 of them can quit their day jobs, 7 of them can have more time with their families, and all 12 of them can buy themselves the ‘toys’ they’ve always wanted.

That’s the beauty of the Internet Lifestyle. That’s what happens when you are the guru.

And that’s what we showed them how to become yesterday. The good news is that we’re going to do it all again…soon. But today we’re busy. It’s Day 1 of 3 at Fitness Business Summit and in a couple of hours Bedros is going to get a standing ovation for his FBS Kick-Off speech (he got a standing “O” at a seminar in NY last month, too .

So I’ve got to hurry to get in my workout and grab a seat. I can’t miss this. The best news of the day is that I’m leaving you with killer content from Big B. It’s his 21 secret traits of every guru. Print this out and make some money with it. And if you want more, come join us at our next 1-Day Mastermind in San Diego on Wednesday, May 6th. Just email to reserve your spot.

See you soon. Now over to B. PS – #21 is my favorite.
21 Secret Traits that ALL Gurus Have (print this out)
By Bedros Keuilian

Despite all of the negativity in the news, I want to remind you how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to work in an industry that we love where we are able to help others live better lives all while making a really good income doing it.

Now, if you’ve ever wondered what the top earning and most recognized gurus in our community do to make it to the top, I’ve created a list for you so that you can use these their productivity and success hacks in your personal and professional life, too.

Here’s it is…

1. Ruthlessly Manage Your Time
We’re all given 24 hours in a day, but some people get a lot more productivity in than others and end up achieving their life goals soon. The secret to success is managing your time and learning to shut out distractions, negative thoughts and people so that you can focus on the things that matter.

2. Never Peak

Your best should always be yet to come. The message behind this is simple, always stay a student. Keep learning. Always grow. Your best days aren’t behind you, they’re yet to come.
3. Motivate Yourself

Don’t rely on people, accomplishments, or random circumstances to keep you motivated. You’re going to hit long periods of difficulty, challenges or even failure. The only way you’ll ever push past those discouraging moments is by keeping yourself motivated and on track to success.

4. Set the Right Goals
It isn’t just about setting goals it’s about setting the right goals. You may be headed in a direction but are you sure it’s the right one? What’s really best for you? For your family? For your business? Don’t let other people’s definition of success jade you. Set our own goals and then work like hell to achieve them.

5. Always Increase Your Standards
Every time your work meets your highest expectations, double them. Never let yourself settle into good when you could keep pushing for better. Recognize your accomplishment, then find out how your next task can accomplish even more.

6. Live Your Life by the List

Want to know what you’ve already accomplished, what you need to finish, and what you’re going to conquer in the future? Make a list. Make a list for today and tomorrow and work off that list and nothing else. Know exactly what you need to be doing today, tomorrow and next year so that you never stray from the path to success.

7. Take Imperfect Action

If you’re always raising your standards and never peaking then your work will never be done. But that doesn’t mean you can’t distribute it. Perfection never comes when you’re always making improvements, but your imperfect work can still add value to lives. Get your imperfect work on the market and then work toward perfection as you get feedback from clients and customers.

8. Avoid Your Weakness Like a Sickness
Kill the weak. Don’t spend your time on tasks you weren’t made to do. Instead: outsource. Constant improvement is only worth it with your natural aptitudes. Trying to learn or improve a task that falls far outside of your inherent skill sets is a waste of your time. Focus on your 5% and delegate the rest.

9. Kill the Negative

Negative thoughts, negative people, negative situations— avoid them like the plague they are. Don’t let your thoughts or the comments of others convince you that you won’t succeed. Instead, cut the negative out of your life and focus on your next task, next accomplishment, next success.

10. Erase “Good Enough” from Your Vocabulary

You’re done settling for work that simply gets the job done. From now on, if you can make it better you will. Laziness, lack of time, adequacy, these excuses don’t matter anymore. Whenever you find a problem you’re absolutely going to fix it. The absolute best in our community never settle for “good enough”.

11. Never be Afraid of Failure
Don’t let the fear of getting something wrong stop you from getting anything right. YOU WILL FAIL. Get over your fear of it, get past it when it happens, and don’t let it keep you from succeeding.

12. Learn from the Best
There will always be someone better than you at everything and anything. Instead of responding with disappointment, jealousy, or discouragement, get over your pride and learn form those more successful than you.

13. Ask for Help

If you had any pride left, now’s the time to lose it. Go farther than learning from the best and ask them to help you, mentor you and teach you how to be the best. Don’t just observe, actively learn through a master’s teaching.

14. Respect

You won’t ever get to the top if you’re just a stepping stone for someone else’s ascent. But you won’t like yourself once you get there if you stepped on others during your own journey. Respect yourself and respect those around you. Do whatever it takes to be successful except treating others, or allowing yourself to be treated, with anything less than respect.

15. Don’t be Stupid with Your Money

Rich people are only rich as long as they don’t mismanage their money; no one stays wealthy by spending irresponsibly. Money is freedom, but recklessness is a path to financial ruin. Once you’re rich spend money like you’re poor and you might just stay rich for your entire life.

16. Take Calculated Risks

Playing the safe bet with every decision is never going to bring you major success. But that doesn’t mean you should play your career like a game of craps. Do your research, take informed risks, and learn when to risk a little in order to win big.

17. Use all Your Resources

Your world is full of tools that can help you get to where you want to be and be the best once you get there. Don’t let pride or laziness keep you from making use of every available resource. If you need help, ask others who have been where you want to be.

18. Success is Adding Value to Someone Else’s Life

Whether you offer a service or produce a product, and as long as you aren’t a thief, your work is nothing more than an exchange of value— money in exchange for your work. Make sure that, whatever you offer, it always adds more value than it costs. This mentality will ensure your success.

19. Get Over Your Hang-Ups with Money

If you have a problem with making money, how do you ever expect to be successful? If you have deep seeded issues with the wealthy, how will you learn from them? As long as you are constantly adding value to other lives you will never have any hang-ups about the money you make while doing it.

Here are the REAL facts about money:

A) Money is a vehicle to freedom.
B) Money is not evil, it doesn’t love or hate you, and it’s not something magical that “others” have and that you’ll never get.
C) The amount of money you accumulate is in direct correlation to the amount of value you add to the lives of others.

20. Do Things Because they’re Hard— Avoid ‘Easy’

If it isn’t hard, why do it? If it’s easy, why not pay someone a few bucks to do it? Don’t waste your time with easy; reserve your time for the most difficult and the most challenging. When something becomes too easy for you, find someone else to take over and start on your next challenge.

21. Live for Yourself by Living for Others

If you live solely for yourself you’ll never be satisfied, you’ll never be happy, and you will never be successful. But if you live your life to better the lives of others, all of your most selfish desires will be satisfied beyond your wildest dreams. A life of servitude is, in actuality, a life of mastery.

These really are the core traits and values that the top gurus in the world share with each other. I hope it helps you in your journey both professionally and personally.

Me too,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – BTW…to go with B’s 21 secrets…

I want you to know about my 12 Rules. Rule twelve states, “’I will write with honesty and feeling. – Ted Nicholas. The opinion of others does not matter. What matters is the number of people that I can help by sharing advice and encouragement in my writing.”
It doesn’t matter who you are, there will be critics. We’ve all done it, too. It’s human nature, so don’t take criticism too hard. Listen, there are hate websites devoted to Mother Teresa.

Everyone gets criticized, but you can’t let that stop you from taking action in life. The truth is that people are already talking behind your back, and yes, by taking action you’ll get more people criticizing. But again, it’s already happening. Deal with it. You just have to get over it and realize that once you get past that and you start really taking action, whether it is presenting big bold ideas or writing or speaking on stage or changing your life in anyway, you’re going to get more criticism but you’re also going to make a bigger, positive impact on other people’s lives.

Always remember what really matters – adding value, not hiding from criticism. When you open up to being what Brené Brown calls being vulnerable, that’s when you make huge differences in people’s lives.

Read all 12 of my rules here – and print them out and make yours

Craig Ballantyne

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