2015 Internet Marketing Predictions

I’s time once again for ol’ CB (The Godfather) to look into his CB (his crystal ball) to predict the future of the info industry. After another amazing year of growth for Internet Independence readers and for my own business, I’m very excited for what 2015 holds. There were many shocks and surprises in 2014 and I’m sure we’ll see a few this year, too. Until then, here are your…

2015 Info Predictions from The Godfather

2015 is going to be the best year ever for you. Hold on tight for a rocket ride in the next 12 months where I predict the following will happen…

Prediction #1 – Launch Profits Will Continue to Disintegrate

You have to ask yourself a tough question, “Am I willing to play the launch game?”. It demands a ruthless, brutal approach to making affiliates money.

That is now the name of the game. You practically have to give away ALL of your profits from a launch in exchange for customers. Of course, getting new customers should be the #1 priority in your business (see next prediction).

– The bar has been set. Here’s the New Deal of Launches:
-You must offer increased commissions from start
– Lower prices work better for new customer acquisition
– Free book offers work BEST

So where does this end? Are we ready to be selling a $9 product for 125% commission? Is this is a death spiral…How do we avoid it? Is it worth you playing this game? How much are you willing to pay for a customer? You need to know that, and you need to know how much you can make with your recurring revenue system. You need to know what a launch is worth to you and you need to do it RIGHT.

Prediction #2 – Folks Focusing on the RIGHT Things Will Succeed

As a reminder, here’s what works: You need converting copy. That’s the #1 key to success. Remember the wise words of the Cranky Millionaire…

Conversion comes before traffic. Don’t waste time on SEO. Instead, improve your copy. Study the masters (Joel Marion, Jon Benson, & Ryan Deiss).

Test your emails. You need high converting emails for affiliates.

Build your back-end system.

Everything you do should have a financial model.

Stuff like Youtube channels, podcasts, and blogging are all forms of procrastination. The lifeblood of your business is new customers. Without them, your business will shrivel up along. The game starts and ends with getting new customers in your business, so get in the game. Focus on what matters. Concentrate on what counts.

Prediction #3 – Cracking the Continuity Code

If we must settle with getting front-end customers at break even, then obviously we have to make all of our money on the back end.
That means selling more of our products, (possibly) becoming top affiliates for other offers, and perhaps most importantly and profitably of all, we need to Crack the Continuity Code in our businesses.

I’m optimistic that Coaching Programs will be a great opportunity for many Internet Independence readers to make BIG profits from a smaller number of customers. I am currently seeing this with coaching programs led by Roman, Dan Long, Mikey Whitfield, Chad Tackett, the Venus Team, and others.

On the other hand, at ETR we generate most of our long-term continuity income with a mass-market low-priced service ($7 per month).

Either way, you need a high-performing back-end system.

If you run the numbers in your business, you’ll find that the annual total of your recurring/back-end revenue is nearly equal to your annual net profit. That’s the importance of having recurring revenue in your business.

Prediction #4 – Physical Product Experimentation

In the fitness world, this mean: Yoga Mats. BioTrust. Resistance Bands. Athletic Greens. DVDs. Yes, DVDs. These are all opportunities in 2015.

These could add immediate profit in your upsell flow (we get a 25% take rate on DVDs in our upsell flow), while others could serve the role of Recurring Revenue in your profit stream. Keep an open mind and explore all opportunities to include physical products in your sales system.

Prediction #5 – Vince Del Monte’s Online Infomercials

A few years back Vince DelMonte said to me, “You should make an infomercial for your product.” He was right, but I took the easy way out and found excuses not to do it.

Today, with online video easier than ever to create, edit, upload, download and watch, it’s clear that Vinny D. is right.

It’s time for advanced Internet Independence readers to create an infomercial showcasing your most successful stories. Focus on the personal power of transformation stories…watch a few daytime talk shows to see how they suck you in…and study the P90X and other infomercials. They know what they are doing.

There’s nothing in the way anymore…it’s cheap to do, and YOU have the skills to create powerful messages. Let’s see who will be first to make Vinny D. into the greatest fortuneteller in the Internet Independence world.

As Victor Hugo once wrote, “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.” He probably wasn’t referring to great sales copy, but it applies there as well as anywhere.

If you have AMAZING sales copy, you can make a ton of money.

But there are no gimmicks or tricks that can save a weak sales message. So if your copy is not compelling, dressing it in a pretty sales letter or using a scribble-VSL or producing an expensive infomercial will just lead to a fantastic flop. You need great copy.

You need to study industry masters like Joel, Shaun Hadsall, and Jon Benson. That’s why we have them to our Mastermind Meetings.

Hope you enjoyed the 2015 Predictions. This will be my most accurate year yet – I can feel it. And here’s one thing I know for certain…

You are awesome. Thanks for being part of the Internet Independence world. 2015 is going to be our best year ever, and I’ll be back with more “Big A-Ha” info for you tomorrow with lessons from my #1 client ever.

Make 2015 amazing,
Craig Ballantyne
PS – If you’re not working…
…Saturday mornings, you are missing out on your most creative time of the week, because no one else is working and bothering you. That’s when you’ll turn 2 hours into a full day of work.

So add that success habit this year, and start by joining Bedros and I in New York for a 1-Day Mastermind on Saturday, February 21st <= correct date!

This is your chance to make 2015 your BIG year. Get rid of the limits in your life. Focus on the abundance. You can do this, just take action and e-mail Joan@Keuilian.com to reserve your spot.