2015 Big Idea Formula

Woohoo, thanks to YOU, we did it! On Saturday at our 3rd annual Denver Marines & ETR Toys for Tots Day we donated a RECORD number of toys (over $125K worth). And it was all possible because of the success you helped us achieve this year thanks to our big ideas. So

I want YOU to have a massive 2015 because of your big ideas, too.

Here’s how you can do it.

Years ago I presented on the Big Idea formula. Now it’s been updated with the process steps to implement it and make big money. Get to work!

The 2015 Big Idea Formula
Here’s my Big Idea Front-End Formula for you.

You must start with a Specific Big Idea.

What’s worked in the past?

  • The 4-Hour Work Week.
  • 8 Minutes in the Morning.
  • 7-Day Abs. 25 Pounds in 25 Days.
  • The 17-Day Diet.
  • 6MinutesToSkinny.com.
  • 8-Minutes to Alpha.

Do you see the trend?

How can you use this?

Here are some ideas I shared with my Mastermind Members in Vegas:

Mikey => 5-Minute Metabolism Cure
Catherine => 6-Day Sugar Addiction Solution
Everyone Else => A 28-Day Plan to Achieve _____ (Insert Anything!)

With your front-end big idea in place, move on to the well-known Strategic Upsell Formula. Ryan Deiss and Joel Marion have been using it for years:

Upsell #1 => Offers Faster Results
Upsell #2 => Offers Done for You Option
Now check to see if it works.

First, you’ll do an Internal Blitz Week and then roll it out to affiliates.

Your Internal Blitz looks like this.

Step #1 – Send 5 emails over 3 days or 7-8 emails over 5 days to your list.
Step #2 – ABT: Always Be Testing your best email copy to give to affiliates
Step #3 – Sales Snowball Soldiers to Fall on the Sword
Step #4 – Gather Data: Opens, Clicks, EPC, EPE +++ Affiliate Testimonials (that’s right, get affiliates to report how easy and profitable it was to work with you!)
Step #5 – Begin your affiliate promotion system: 1-Off or Unified Front Launches (use 90-100% commissions as a wildcard to recruit affiliates)

Rinse and repeat.

Be selling all the time. That’s all there is to it.

Don’t make things more complex than it needs to be.

Sure, this is harder than slapping up a couple of Youtube videos and calling yourself an Internet Marketer…but you won’t sit at home frustrated wondering where all the sales are.

Do the work that counts!

Sell something – America needs the business! – Zig Ziglar


Craig Ballantyne
PS – “When you are starting a new business…

…selling must be your #1 job. Learning to sell is an obligation, not a choice. Your educational objective during the start-up stage of your business is to simply learn how to sell one particular product to one particular market. You just need to do one thing well: Sell the hell out of your one product. You will get to $1 million quickly, and perhaps even to $10 million, simply by repeating this one trick over and over again. As long as it keeps working, keep doing it.” – Mark Ford