2014 European Trip Bodyweight Workouts

My mental and bodyweight workout preparation for this trip to Europe and my 5th year at the www.BlackSmithCamp.com has taken decades.

The camp, if you’ve never heard of it, occurs outside of Trakai, Lithuania each summer, and is dedicated to teaching these young folks about starting a business, living life on your own terms, and “Finding Freedom in an Unfree World”, as Harry Brown once wrote in his must-read book of the same name.

My preparation occurred through years of trial and many errors. I’ve learned the painful way so that these kids – and YOU – do not have to hit the same speed bumps on the royal road to success. That’s what this TT newsletter and coaching program is for, to help you get accelerated results.

Likewise, my training knowledge has been growing since I did my first workout at the age of 15 in the Stratford YMCA. I was just a dumb kid then. Today I’m just a goofy adult, but again, 24 years of experience has shown me what works in a short amount of time…and that’s what I’ll deliver to them for 4 days … and to YOU for life as a TT user or Certified TT Trainer – www.TurbulenceTrainingCertification.com.

In the past few weeks I’ve stepped up my bodyweight training. I’ve identified the heart-pounding power of a Total-Body Extension + Max Reps pushup combo. I’ve practiced pairing neutral grip pullups with handstand pushups (perfect for one of the most advanced, yet “street-accessible” bodyweight workouts that I will be required to do for my own physique and goals while I visit Rome and Prague).

In preparation for changing time zones I’ve moved my meals earlier in the day and started taking melatonin. I’ve read several travel reports on each city to prepare for maximum efficiency sight-seeing (although I’m also big on the simply walk-around-and-get-lost approach, too). Pictures, of course, will be forthcoming.

I hope to have epic shots like this one of me in Magarksa last year, and perhaps even a follow-up Youtube video of me doing handstand pushups against a local landmark (such as this museum in Paris).

craig climb craig hantand
Croatian climbing…                          Parisien pushing
Hopefully your summer as been as entertaining, rewarding, and healthy as mind. I’ve focused on getting 8 hours sleep per night (doing so about 80% of the time, and at least 7.5 hours 90% of the time). My workouts have been shorter than ever, but just as intense and sticking to our TT principles.

Make sure to check the latest programs available to you at www.TTMembers.com (all CTT’s have free access to this site). These programs are heavily influenced by my workouts and those of my ‘guinea pig clients’ that sometimes get to train with me in the garage gym on the farm.

Diet has been a challenge but I’m conquering it everyday. I’m sure you feel the same way. The key is to make your rules and stick to them. I even have a theme for my diet, “Paleo Maximus”. I eat no grains, not even rice, no dairy, and no soy. I managed to stick to this while visiting several trendy restaurants in Toronto, and it’s easier when you can use products like Paleo Protein Powder (TrueNutrition.com) and Paleo bread (almond or coconut flour delivered by Julian Bakery in North America). My days look like this.

4am – Big Thinking & Writing on #1 Priority
6am – Daily Document Review & Meditation & Dog Walk
7am – Breakfast + Guilty Pleasure Reading => http://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/
8am – Write Emails that Sell (for TT or EarlyToRise.com)
10:30am – Workout & Yoga
11:30am – Lunch/Email Check
2pm – Phone Calls & Interviews
3pm – Final Brain Dump & Writing
4pm – Dog Walk!
5pm – Dinner
6pm – Gratitude Journal & Social Time or Pleasure Reading
8pm – Bedtime & Sound Asleep in Minutes!

And before we get to our SuperHero CTT workouts of the month, I’ll leave you with one of my bodyweight workouts featuring the new “Punisher Maximus” approach…

1A) Total Body Extension – 30 seconds
1B) Max Pushups – 60 seconds (hold top of plank position if you can’t do more pushups)
1C) Punisher Maximus Squats – 30 seconds squats + 30 second hold, 2 rounds
1D) TRX Row – 30 seconds rows + 30 second hold, 1 round
•    Intermediate – Rest 30 seconds and repeat 2 more times.
•    Advanced – No rest, repeat up to 3 more times.

Now I think I’ve earned a little vacation…especially because you get not one, but TWO interviews with me this month. Enjoy, and I’ll talk to you in September. If you want to join me in living the Internet Lifestyle, please attend my seminar in November. Email Joan@keuilian.com for more details.

See you soon,

Craig Ballantyne, Master CTT