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wealth building

Five Secrets of Wealth Building

By Mark Morgan Ford | 07/7/2001

You can acquire a multimillion-dollar net worth by doing just five things that promote wealth building throughout your life and work.

life after 50

Life After 50: You’re Never Too Old To Succeed

By Mark Morgan Ford | 03/23/2001

Some say that life begins at 50. But if you are older than that, take inspiration from friends and these other oldsters who accomplished more after 70.


Chronic Takers – How to Get Them Out of Your Life

By Early To Rise | 03/21/2001

Source out the chronic takers in your life and work and take these steps to eliminate their negative impact on your own success and happiness.


More On Pinching Your Pennies

By Early To Rise | 02/28/2001

I can tell what kind of retirement plan an entrepreneur has from the car he drives,” says Jonathan Pond, NBC’s guru financial planner. “To spend is human,” he says, “but to save is divine.” According to Pond (who drives a Toyota Camry and refuses to buy a cell phone), most…


Why You Should Listen More And Talk Less When You Want To Impress

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/31/2001

We’’ve often cited Dale Carnegie on “winning friends.” Carnegie believed that listening well makes you appear to be a better conversationalist than does speaking well — and that it’’s certainly better than speaking too much. He told a good story about sitting next to an important businessman at dinner and…


Praise Behavior, Not People, for Best Results

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/29/2001

I was given a great insight into the skill of praise yesterday. It’s going to make me a better manager of talented people — and maybe a better father. Perhaps it will work for you too. MN and I were talking about a problem you sometimes encounter when you praise…

get rid of your TV

Why You Should Get Rid Of Your TV

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/26/2001

Why high-achievers are getting rid of their TVs, finding more time and energy, and one technique that lets you keep your favorite show.


Why You Need Professional Management

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/24/2001

I was talking to someone the other day about how many people you can manage well. Experts say it is six, seven, or eight. My own experience confirms this. At times, I’’ve had more than a dozen people reporting to me — and it wasn’’t good. I was not able…


Start Your Little Black Book Of Powerful Contacts

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/23/2001

Your Rolodex and/or address book contains all the numbers you may eventually need to call. But you need another book — a very special book — to keep vital information on your power system. Your power system comprises all the powerful people you know who can make a positive difference…


Another Good Reason You Need A Lifelong Income

By Mark Morgan Ford | 01/19/2001

ETRs don’t believe in traditional retirement. We think it’s a mistake to count on the government – or even the value of savings – when it comes to our future well-being. The cost of living is always increasing, as are the ways our wealth is taken from us. Personal taxation…

don't gamble

Why I Don’t Gamble – And Why You Shouldn’t Either

By Mark Morgan Ford | 09/11/2000

Why I don’t gamble when I visit Las Vegas, and instead enjoy money and success by placing smart investments that gain me wealth every day.