20-Minute Anxiety Workout

Ok, so despite overcoming my severe anxiety in 2006, I still deal with a social anxiety.

Sometimes, like last week, my fear of crowds “tricks” me into doing a hotel room workout. Here’s what happened.

I was at a big seminar and knew the hotel gym was going to be packed.

So instead of going to the gym, I did this awesome workout on my hotel room balcony as the sun rose over beautiful Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It was actually a really memorable moment… when I started the workout the stars were out on a gorgeous clear night…

…and when I finished off my last leg-trembling repetition, the sun was up, my anxiety was gone, and I was mentally prepared to go mix and mingle with the crowds.

20-Minute Kickbutt Anxiety Workout

1A) Punisher Squats
1B) Pushup Maximus
1C) Lunges

2A) Plank
2B) Bird Dog
2C) Total Body Extension

I hope you don’t struggle with anxiety like I do…

…but one thing is for sure, this workout kicks butt and eliminates stress (and thus anxiety) while burning a TON of calories.

And you do NOT need any equipment, either, so it’s perfect to do anytime, anywhere, whether you’re stuck in a hotel room…

Or stuck at home because there’s a hurricane outside…

Or stuck at the in-laws when you’re travelling for the holidays.

It’s no excuses.

It changes your body.

And it fixes your mind.

Bedros and cb fancy clothes
With Bedros Keuilian at the event and after overcoming my anxiety

I’ll probably use a workout like this on Thursday morning…

…Because that’s the day that I’m going LIVE on camera for 4 hours to film a brand new course on how to structure your day so that you:

  • Get more done
  • Make more money
  • Improve your health and fitness
  • Have a bigger impact on the world
  • And still get home on time for dinner

The best part about this brand new course is that you can get it for FREE if you watch me create it live.

Get full access to the free live course creation session here

You’ll get to watch me live from the studio in Orlando as I walk you through how to:

•    Take control of your mornings
•    Use the 5 Pillars of Success to win your days
•    So that you can own your life and have the freedom you desire and deserve

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And as a bonus, you can watch how I deal with anxiety in a real-world situation.

It’s going to be fun.

So make sure to tune in on Thursday.

You can do so for free with your computer or phone – anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy the show!

Until then, use today’s circuit to get rid of your stress before you rush into another busy week.

Talk soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – I’m not happy with what I did…

…and I know I can’t hide in my room forever.

So that’s why I’m always pushing myself to get better.

The next day I acted like a “normal person” and went to the busy gym.

And I realized that people in the gym don’t bite!

Next time I’ll step outside of my comfort zone more often…

…because that’s where results happen.

Thanks for listening.

You’re like my amateur therapist! Haha