2-for-1 YouTube Tips

Youtube tips to get double the bang for your production buck.

So lately I’ve been pumping out lots of Youtube videos

Maybe you’ve watched my videos on…

  • How to overcome obstacles in your life
  • How to stop drinking so much
  • 5 Pillars of Success

And many more.

Some of my fitness videos have more than 2 million views!

It’s crazy.

You can develop a lot of celebrity and authority with YouTube videos.

And you can double the bang-for-your-buck by posting your content as Facebook videos as well. In fact, you’ll actually get more views of your FB vids than your YouTube videos… but you should post in both locations to maximize your efforts.


Today, I’m giving you a set of tips in the video… but more importantly, my good friend and video guru, Bedros Keuilian, gave me a 10-tip critique of my latest video, and the tips will help you, too.

Here’s what he wrote after seeing my latest “5 Travel Tips” video on Facebook…

Hey, Bedros Keuilian here, and this is an autopsy of a well crafted Facebook video that all of us should model.

  1. Craig starts off by introducing who he is and what he does and instantly positions himself.
  2. He hooks them with a great headline “5 pro travel tips”
  3. Right out the gate he promotes his book as well as some of his favorite protein bars including Bio Trust – to help his friend Joel out.
  4. He maintains a constant half cocked smile.
    Craig video

    Half-cocked jokes and really great tips!

  5. He speaks in short punchy bullet points without fluff or filler words.
  6. He self-deprecating cracks jokes on them self – this instantly makes you more likable to others.
  7. He strategically promotes get another company that he’s an investor in – the sprayable sleep
  8. Tips are solid, practical, and allow people to see an instant results if they following them.
  9. He closes of pitching the free book offer one more time.

A very well-crafted and well thought out five minute video that builds trust, authority, likability, promoted at least two of his products, one of his friends products, and mentioned pretzels in it! laugh

Watch the video here

That’s how you do it.

Watch for more video secrets soon,

Craig Ballantyne

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