163 – Justin Goff’s Secrets to Copywriting

128 - 10 Easy Ways to Build More Discipline

Would you like to make more money for yourself, your family, or your community? Today, we are talking all things copywriting and this is a skill you can master in your free time to make massive changes to your life.

Now we talked to Justin on a previous episode, and he is back with more knowledge and more ways to help you find massive success in your life.

What We Discuss in Today’s Episode:

  • How to Write for the Coronavirus Crisis
  • How to Update Your Offers to Make More Money
  • What Justin and I Learned from Our Common Mentor
  • What Justin Would do if He Was Just Starting Out Today

What do you think? Are you a copywriter with more tips? Let me know your thoughts and send me an IG DM or email me.

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