15-Minute Maximum Fat Burner Bodyweight Workout

TT readers are always, “Why the heck do you go to Lithuania every summer?”

The answer is that I go to this camp to teach 55 college-aged kids from 35 different countries and cultures how to build a business. Some of them even come back and work for Turbulence Training.

We just had a young man, Tom McCann, move from Ireland to Denver to work at TT. (If you have an ambitious college kid in your family, you should have them check out the camp at the link above.)

Others become Certified Turbulence Trainers. (And you can too, no matter where you live. Read about the CTT personal trainer program here.)

The kids have a lot of fun. We teach them all day long, and at night they stay up late singing, dancing, debating world politics (seriously, they do that!), and playing the Cash Flow game (invented by “Rich Dad” author, Robert Kiyosaki). It’s a recipe for a life-changing weekend… and really tired kids!

But almost all of them still join me at 4pm each day for a bodyweight workout. Here’s the BEST 15-Minute program I put them through this summer… Enjoy!

Advanced 15-Minute Fat Burner

1A) Prisoner Squat – 30 seconds
1B) Close-Grip Pushup – 60 seconds
1C) Split Squat – 30 seconds on one side
1D) Iron Cross – 30 second hold
1E) Split Squat – 30 seconds on other side
1F) Kneeling Plank-to-Triceps Extension – 30 seconds
– Rest 30 seconds and go through the circuit one more time.

2A) Jumping Jacks or Prisoner Squat Jump – 30 seconds
2B) T-Pushup (alternating sides) – 30 seconds
2C) Prisoner Reverse Lunges – 30 seconds per side
2D) Spiderman Climb (alternating sides) – 60 seconds
– Go through the circuit one more time

3) Punisher Maximus Squat – 30 seconds squat + 30 second hold in bottom position

Whew. That’s it. And that session was done in record-breaking 91-degree heat in Lithuania. They were going through a heat wave when we were there. It’ll be much better, but still a great workout, when done on a nice, crisp fall day like we had on the weekend.

If you like trying to create your own workouts, like this one, you should think about becoming a trainer and helping the people in your community save time and transform their bodies and energy levels.

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Enjoy this gift from Lithuania with Love. Ha!

Back soon with more fitness secrets for you,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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