15-Minute Daniel Craig Bodyweight Workout

It’s finally here. The next Bond movie. I’m a fan. A big fan. Last year for Christmas I bought myself all the Bond movies on DVD for just $40. And….. I haven’t even opened the packaging yet. LOL. Oh well… there’s always this Christmas!

Now I want to give YOU an early Christmas present today in honor of the new James Bond movie coming out on Friday. I’m excited for it, but I won’t be able to see it this weekend because I’m teaching a big seminar down in California.

However, I’m going to give you a bodyweight workout that works so well it’ll even let you burn off a bucket of popcorn while you sit around and watch Bond.

After that, I’m going to explain why my bodyweight training (done 3-4 x’s per week) is better than the heavy weight training (done Monday through Friday by Daniel Craig) if you want to get sexy abs and sculpted arms.

Hmmm… maybe Her Majesty’s Secret Service will come a-calling on ol’ CB to be the next Bond… I’d be the first Bond with a sidekick (Bally)… although I’m not sure how well my goofy Canadian accent would go over. Haha.

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Heavy weights & bulkier        Bodyweight ripped

As you see in the above photos, bodyweight training gets you a ripped body, while heavy lifting often leaves you a little blockier… like Bond.

So in honor of Bodyweight Exercises, here’s your…

15-Minute SPECTRE Bodyweight Workout

  1. Spiderman Pushups (advanced) or Spiderman Climbs (alternate sides)
  2. Prisoner Squat Jumps (advanced) or Prisoner Squats
  3. Elevated Pushups (20 seconds per side) or Kneeling Pushups
  4. Cross-Body Mountain Climbers (alternate sides)
  5. Total Body Extensions
  6. Reverse Lunges (one side at a time for 40 seconds)
  7. Extension: Plank-to-Triceps Extension (yeah, I cheated on this one)

– Do each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds

– Go through the circuit twice…and yeah, I know, it’s 16 minutes!

– Like Bond, I’m always giving you more!

Your abs, arms, and glutes will feel shaken – and stirred – after this circuit. Your heart rate will be up, your fitness will increase, you’ll sweat, and you’ll burn lots of calories during and after training – but without bulking up.

You’ll be lean, athletic, and Bond-sexy with these types of bodyweight workouts.

And they can get even better – with follow-along videos, too.

Get 51 even BETTER bodyweight workouts on DVD here

Just make sure to take your DVD’s out of the package and actually watch them!

Get ripped with bodyweight training at home,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer


PS – In anticipation of the holiday season to come…

Be pure in thought, word, and deed today. Eat purely. Choose water and Green Tea over soda. Love purely. Forgive others & wish them only the best. Do not gossip or complain. Spend 5 minutes in prayer or meditation. Hug your family. Praise a friend. Recognize a peer. Be as PURE as can be for just one day. You can do this.