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Sweet guest post for you today from a superstar.

I’m traveling back from Denver and neck-deep in preparation for this weekend’s Certified Turbulence Trainer event, so it’s over to Mikey Whitfield to make us some pancakes. I mean, make us some money. – Craig Ballantyne

PS – Mikey is running a launch at www.AbFinishers.com this week…you should help him out because of the great advice he gives you here.

13 Ways to Help and Get Affiliates
By Mikey “Proft Pancakes” Whitfield

This is something I should have shared a while back and I apologize.

When you’re wanting to help an affiliate, think outside the box, too. I’m seeing a lot of this from the group and I love it. This will hopefully help having a list of ideas in one place. Guest posts are one way, but there’s even more.

Here are some examples:

1) Daniel Woodrum filmed over 60 finishers and 7 full workouts with me in a weekend. He didn’t have to do that. And if an affiliate doesn’t have anything to film for a product, you can offer to do exclusive YouTube videos (Mike Westerdal is still taking some I believe).

2) Offer to help on a Copy Logic Session

3) Are you technical savvy? You can help them with their techy stuff if they don’t have someone.

4) You can offer feedback on a sales page.

5) You can offer a testimonial if you find their product useful

6) You can offer a review on their product

7) Promote their product

8) Offer to help with customer support

9) Offer to share a swipe with an affiliate that you created for their product that did really well for your list

10) Take some things off their plate (Dennis Heenan and Kate Vidulich are doing this with some TT interviews – thanks Dennis and Kate!)

11) Share their Facebook posts on FB

12) If you have an affiliate with the same niche, you could share a successful promo that worked really well for your readers with that
affiliate so they could model a similar promotion with their readers

13) Offer a free product as a surprise bonus for their download page to add value for their customers

And the list goes on and on.

Keep rockin’…

Mikey Dubs

Great list, great reminder, great action plan.

Keep pancaking.

I mean…

Keep pushing,

Craig Ballantyne
“I love it when a plan comes together.” – Hannibal, The A-Team