Wealth Machine Program

There are numerous benefits of owning your own business…

· Being financially free

· Reduced stress

· Getting rid of your boss

· Working from next to your new pool

· Having more control over your life

· Doing something you care about

These things are very important to living an enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle. And, the best situation is when you can get your business going and then let it run on it’s own, and create increasing wealth that does not require your constant attention. That’s how you work yourself out of a job… You work to set up a system, then you step back and let the system make money for you. You can have a business that will produce ongoing revenue and capital growth with out too much work and regardless of your individual skills to do the work the business does…

If your business is setup properly someone else can run it if you want, you don’t have to be there all the time.

At your current job: How much control do you have over your schedule? Can you structure your days the way you’d like? Can you show up at the office whenever you choose? Do others control when and where you work? Are you living where you want? Can you travel or take a few days off when you want? Can you work half as many hours as most people and still earn $100k or more per year?

If you work for someone else the answer to these questions is probably, a negative.

But, it’s not as hard nor as risky as you might think to get your own business going, a business that after a fairly short period of time you can let go and just receive the monthly checks.

A product that I reviewed recently, called The Wealth Machine: How to Start, Build, and Market a Debt-Free Business That Fits Your Life, by John Cummuta, could help you do this. I watched the entire program video and was very impressed by how clearly it illustrated how to setup a simple but effective sales process for your own Wealth Machine.

I’ve sent a letter to all the small- and medium-sized business owners I work with, urging them to use this system to increase their own sales. The program will show you:

· Why your own business can be the best tool for building personal wealth.

· How to transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur with ease.

· How to choose the right kind of business for you.

· How to make sure you have all the skills and tools to succeed.

· The most important elements of a winning business plan.

· How to assemble and keep a winning team.

· Where to find capital.

· How to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers.

· How to turn your marketing into an automatic Sales Machine.

Cummuta does an excellent job of breaking down complicated principles into easy-to-understand techniques and secrets. This information is more important than ever, especially to people in my generation, the baby-boomers. Why?

Because you can no longer depend on old ways of retiring… You used to be able to retire from a good job and enjoy a comfortable retirement funded by your former employer. This is no longer a real option. Neither is long-term stock or bond investing. Nor is real estate a way to reliably build wealth in the long-term.

Only through a ‘wealth machine’, a business that produces at least $100K or more in bottom-line profits, can you retire comfortably when you want to. This program makes an excellent compliment to ETR’s Mailbox Millionaire course.

Order the Wealth Machine now if you’re interested in learning how to automate a business which can bring you consistent profits while you let go and work less, but also give you the opportunity to work a little more and grow a business that creates a million $ or more in net profits per year!



[Ed. Note.  Mark Morgan Ford was the creator of Early To Rise. In 2011, Mark retired from ETR and now writes the Palm Beach Letter. His advice, in our opinion, continues to get better and better with every essay, particularly in the controversial ones we have shared today. We encourage you to read everything you can that has been written by Mark.]